5 Uncrowded US National Parks to Explore on The Road

Uncrowded US National ParksWhen it comes to exploring the wild beauty of the US, the country’s national parks offer plenty of options for outdoor enthusiasts. However, if you simply loathe the idea of mingling with noisy crowds and negotiating a bumper-to-bumper traffic, you can opt for those lesser-known American Parks that will offer you some great off-the-beaten-path adventures sans the swarm of vacationers.

Here are five alluring destinations that you should add to your must-visit list:

Katmai National Park and Preserve, Alaska

This summer park offers a breathtaking beauty you will not be able to see anywhere else in the world. Camp in the bank of a spectacular Brooks River, hike the volcano-filled Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes or fish in the Brooks Falls if you don’t mind sharing the space with the local brown bears, who routinely gather around the falls to feast on salmon.

North Cascades National Park, Washington

Located three hours from Seattle, this national park is home to gray wolves, black bears, and grizzlies. Birders, too, will find the park immensely interesting, as there are over 200 avian species including the bald eagles. Summer is the best time to visit this park, when the rambling waterfalls come to life, with hundreds of glaciers and melting snowfields contributing to their health. Take the North Cascades Highway to enjoy the most picturesque drive.

Chaco Culture National Historic Park, New Mexico

Interested in history? Then put this park on your bucket list. UNESCO World Heritage Site, Chaco will offer you a glimpse in the lives of the Ancient Pueblo people from A.D. 850 to 1250. Also, a certified international Dark Sky destination, this park offers wonderful astronomy programs during the summer months.

Biscayne National Park, Florida

The best way to explore this vast aquatic paradise is to lease a boat. The rich marine life of the region comprises over 500 different species of fish, dolphins and manatees. Put on your snorkeling or scuba gear to explore the gorgeous coral-scape underwater and as many as 72 shipwrecks!

Isle Royale National Park, Michigan

Wanna ride the time machine and land in the pre-industrial U.S.? Well, a visit to this national park will give you an idea of what America’s north woods wilderness looked like before industries took charge of the region. For the adrenaline junkies, there are 165 miles of hiking trails and exceptional fishing and boating opportunities.

The best part of owning a motor home? It gives you access to the inaccessible. If you wish to experience the breathtaking beauty of nature, but are not sure whether braving the traffic and crowd is worth it, just head to one of these serene locations to experience complete bliss. The best part of owning a motor home is the ticket it gives you to unlimited travel. Enjoy this newly acquired freedom and make the most of it.

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