5 Tools Every RV-er Must Carry

Tool-Set for RVWhat will you do if your RV breaks down in the middle of the road? If you are stuck somewhere close to the next town, you are lucky. But, what if your rig collapses in the middle of nowhere? Of course, it is adventurous, but for how long? You definitely didn’t hit the road to stay stranded in one place all day long. A few essential tools in your rig can save the day.

Following is a list of five items you must keep in your RV:

Vehicle Emergency Kit

A flat tire or a dead battery can completely ruin your family trip. So, make sure you have an emergency kit in your RV. The kit should have jumper cables, flashlight, air compressor and all other tools necessary for addressing emergency technical issues in the vehicle.

101-Piece Toolkit

You may not be a licensed technician, but you must know at least the basics of RV repair. Therefore, keep a toolkit that includes the hammer, screwdriver, wrenches, and pliers.

Battery Terminal Cleaner

At times, the van fails to start due to corrosion in the battery terminal connection. A battery terminal cleaner in your RV will help you solve the problem.

Tire Repair Kit

Don’t start your RV-trip without a tire repair kit. This will be your only savior if you do not have a spare tire immediately available. This kit has a non-combustible tire sealant to repair punctures up to 1/4″ in size.

Portable Air Compressor

Compact and easy to use, a portable air compressor is essential if you are carrying bikes, carts or small utility trailers in your RV. The battery inside is rechargeable.

An RV-er almost always has to consider space constraints. It only makes sense that you carry the most essential items in your toolkits. Stay prepared and have fun exploring the world beyond your neighborhood.

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