5 Tips for Women RV Travelers to Start a Solo Journey

Women RV TravelersHave you always wanted to go on a long solo RV trip, but always were too afraid to see that plan to fruition? Or maybe it is not fear, may be the task of memorizing a huge list of do’s and don’ts on a solo RV trip makes you lose interest. But, in your mind, you know what you are missing out. You would be surprised to know that planning and executing a solo female RV trip is not that hard. All you need is a few battle-tested options to follow and you are all set for a rocking trip. We have put together a small list of suggestions for you to enjoy every moment of your RV trip to its fullest extent.

Go for a Low Key Appearance

No matter how confident you are, always remember that you are alone on the road. So, keep to yourself and do not flash your money or expensive items out in the open. Your expensive camera, laptop and jewelry can serve as thief magnet in unfamiliar locations. So, be careful about them.

Always Plan Ahead

Plan your routes at least a day before your journey. You can use apps to find campgrounds and best routes for your RV. Some of the apps offer satellite imaging use them to get a clear view of the whole area. Get details on fueling spots and check reviews of campgrounds before arriving. Pick a camping spot and reserve it beforehand to avoid making unsafe parking choices.

Keep Doors Locked

Whether you are in a campground or in a spot a bit removed from social bind, always lock your doors. Make friends, but do not presume to clearly understand the true nature of your new friends and neighbors (who were strangers about two hours back). So, keep your doors locked and windows screened before going to sleep.

Bring a Dog Along

If you are already a pet parent than it is easy for you. But, if you are not, you need to start adapting to this idea for your own safety. Try to go for bigger breeds rather than fluffy lap lovers. Big dogs scare creeps easily and you will have a loyal companion for the journey.

Bring Guns Only if You Can Handle

Keeping a gun can make you feel safer, but you need to consider the legal variations of gun usage protocols in different locations carefully. Guns are dangerous and only bring one aboard, if you know how to use it properly. And remember that watching hundreds of movies that shows how to use a gun doesn’t make you an expert on the subject. So, rely on practical training rather than movie magic. Keep the weapon in a safe place, and out of general sight, to avoid needless gun hysteria and accidents.

You and your RV can make a fun-team turning every moment of the solo trip ecstatic. But, follow these five easy and cool tips to add safety to your travels.

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