5 Tips For RV-ing in Sweltering Summer

Summer RV-ingSweltering heat can simply ruin your RV trip. Besides making it extremely uncomfortable for you, it may cause a plethora of other problems – spoilt food, bad mood and sleepless nights are just a few to mention. Why allow the scorching sun and the sultry weather play the spoilsport? Here are a few tips that would keep you cool in a hot day and let you enjoy your trip thoroughly:

Pre-cool the Rig

Turn on the air conditioner the moment you park your rig at the camp. Even if you turn it off after some time, don’t open the windows. This will prevent the cool air from escaping your coach. Turn on the fan, too. This will help to circulate the cool air throughout the unit and keep the overall temperature low.

Install More Fans

If you are traveling with your whole family, a single fan is not sufficient. As a thumb rule, you will need at least one fan for every two members.

Shade Your Windows

Don’t let the sun rays enter your rig through the windows. Invest in a product like Reflectix that repels the rays and helps keep your coach cool. If you are using conventional curtains, be sure to cover all your windows. If you must open a window, do so on the shaded side.

Put on the Right Clothes to Stay Cool

Did you know, that the right type of clothing can actually help you beat the heat? Thinking what type of clothing would be ideal for a summer camping trip? Well, try light colored, loose fitting pieces. Make sure, it’s made of cotton or any other breathable fabric.

Sponge Your Body

Staying outdoors for a long stretch of time can raise your body temperature to a considerable level. Sponge your body with a wet towel to bring down the body temperature. For a more refreshing experience, wet the towel and keep it in the refrigerator for some time before using it.

Learn Hot Weather Sleeping Tricks

People generally face difficulties in falling asleep in hot weather. However, certain tricks can help lower your discomfort – use cotton bed sheets and pillow covers, wear loose clothing and even if the AC is on, place a fan by your bedside for extra comfort.

Vacation is the time for full relaxation. Don’t let physical discomfort sour your experience. Keep these tips in mind and enjoy an incredibly fun summer camping trip with your whole family.

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