5 Tips for Overnight RV Parking

Overnight RV Parking

When you are new to RV-ing, one of the greatest dilemmas is finding an ideal spot for overnight parking. A few times, your road trip may be longer than expected which means that you need to stop over and rest at some place on the way. People may tell to book a slot in an RV campground in advance.  It is easier said than done, especially during the peak tailgating seasons and you cannot just park anywhere you choose. Here are a couple of ways to find an overnight RV parking space at a convenient location:

1. Ask People

Do not hesitate to ask people about a possible parking space. He or she can be an attendant at a gas station, a local, a security guard or a clerk working at a store with a large parking space. Ensure you choose a safe but private place to rest for the night.

2. Park at Retail Stores and Casinos

Businesses like Walmart and Cracker Barrel would allow you to park your vehicle overnight if you can convince them that you will follow all their parking rules. Even some casinos offer the same facility to RVers. However, not all stores allow it due to the county or city-specific regulations.  And if you are traveling in the snowbird or holiday season, you may find it difficult to park your motor home at Walmart or other global chains in Florida. In the off-season, you will see designated parking spaces at Walmart, and in case you do not find one, have a word with the store manager for assistance.

Tips for Parking

Now that you have found a safe place for keeping your rolling home for the night, do not take this convenience as granted. On your part, be nice and follow rules. Moreover, being patient and friendly ensures that you will be welcomed at these places if you need parking a second time or more. Here are certain things you can do to leave a good impression:

1. Avoid Overstaying

You have permission for free overnight parking. Great, but then it does not mean that you overstay than the time promised. If you have been allowed to stay for a night or two, stick to it. It is enough to rest after a long day’s drive. Get to know the neighborhood, do some shopping, and leave after the promised timeframe. Maintain RV parking etiquettes and do not spoil it for those who are looking for an overnight parking space just like you.

2. Park at the Side or Rear

When allowed to park at businesses, make sure that you do so at the rear or side of the store. Avoid the entrance to let customers get in and out of the store. Parking strategically will also help you leave quickly without a car blocking the way.

3. Avoid Setting up Awnings and Tables

Follow parking rules. Avoid using awnings or setting up tables and grills to have dinner. You’ve been allowed to sleep for the night. If you want to treat yourself to some tasty food, you can do so in your home on wheels. The best option would be to dine at the adjacent restaurant. It will be a great way to say thank you to the establishment.

Before occupying the allotted a parking spot in an establishment, check the rules with the authorities. It will ensure that you do not wake up in the middle of the night only to find that your motor home is being towed. However, if you want to upgrade to a new model or integrate advanced features in your existing unit, contact us today.

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