5 Tips for First-Time RV-ers

first time RVersAre you planning to hit the long road driving your RV for the first time? The feeling of having your hands on the steering with a destination in mind is thrilling, and things become more gripping if you are doing this for the first time. You might be a little anxious, but that can be handled if you keep these five things in mind:

Know Your Luxury Rig

This is your first RV-ing and you are about to drive through a road which is not very known to you. So your first step will be to know your motor home. Knowing the rules of driving is not enough, because you are the mechanic of your RV. It is important to understand every cranky noise and the technical issues. Having a well-stocked tool kit makes no sense if you do not know how to use it at the time of a breakdown.

Plan a Travel Route

If you want to be a true RV-er, it is important to plan the entire travel route beforehand. One destination can be reached through different routes. You need to know them all to make the trip a successful one. Don’t go with your instincts; rather arm yourself with the correct road maps, and a GPS.

Take a Test Drive

Before the D-day arrives, go for a test drive on your RV. Try to identify the difficulties you are experiencing and get those rectified immediately. You don’t want to mess your first trip in the middle of the road, with no one at your service. Practice taking turns, switching lanes and changing gears based on the road.

Keep a First-Aid Kit Handy

Safety kit is vital, especially when you are driving the RV in an unknown place. The first-aid box should be fully stocked and you must have the basic medical supplies like bandages, ointments, insect repellants, pain relievers and other emergency things.

Take Care of Kids and Pets

Travelling with yours kids and pets is definitely fun. Your first trip in RV will be memorable. But, you need to be very careful and responsible. They should be given space and at the same time, you need to keep a constant note on their actions inside the RV.

So roll up your sleeves, turn on the ignition, and take your first RV trip confidently!

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