5 Things to Leave Behind During Your Next RV Trip

RV TripSure, your motor home has more than enough space for everything you like or want in your trip to the countryside. But, take a moment and try to imagine how the inside of your motor home would look like when crammed with unnecessary stuff. And, after a few sharp turns, you might find everything piled up on the floor or on your cozy bed. Plus, the cleanup is going to be a straight up nightmare. Of course, you do not want this headache in your trip. How to deal with it then? Well, by leaving the unnecessary stuff behind. Selecting the things you do not need in your trip can be confusing. Here are a few suggestions to help you out.

Unwanted/Rarely Useful Tools

Even when you believe in the do-it-yourself spirit, bringing a huge box filled with every tool known to mankind is not a wise choice. Apart from space, think about the weight it will add to your motor home. What’s the way out? Make a list of the items that will be really useful on the road like duct tape, wire cutters, standard pliers, and pocket knife, and leave things such as the drill set, tree saw, pine hammer behind.

Huge Water Tanks

Unless you are seriously considering boondocking or traveling to secluded locations, leave that huge water tank behind. Hauling gallons of water with you can make the trip extremely slow and boring. If you are not willing to ditch the tank, you can keep minimum levels of water inside, just enough to reach the campground hookups.

Woods for Fire

Buying wood for fire is pricey, thus keeping a stock in your motor home might appear as a tempting choice. But, think about the mess it will make in your motor home. Skip bringing wood from home and look online for a better deal. Craigslist would be a good place to start. You can even take a trip to the sawmills (near your campground) and get firewood for cheap. Frankly, everything is a better option than dragging huge logs of firewood in your motor home while the wet splinters make everything dirty.

Your Other Car

You really do not need to drag another car behind your motor home (unless you are planning on drag racing). Towing and bringing another car will definitely increase the fuel consumption of your motor home, and the parking would present quite a few challenges. If you need to keep another car for emergencies, make sure it is something small and fuel-efficient.

Loads of Cooking Equipment

Make sure your cooking experiments don’t push you to bring along multiple coking appliances. While you are at it, try to ditch the coffee maker, toaster, juicer, and waffle iron too. Or pick what you absolutely cannot live without and say good bye to the rest. You can enjoy great food moving from town to town during the trip. That would surely satisfy your love for yummy treats.

Now that you have an idea of what to leave behind, consider your options and enjoy this trip without the headache of loads of unnecessary stuff on-board.

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