5 Suggestions for Safe, Convenient, and Comfortable Beach RVing

Safe Beach RVingThe sun, the sea, and your RV — a smooth combination of comfort, security and scenic beauty that can improve the flavor of any trip. But, tasting such a delectable treat would require a bit of effort on your part (other than bringing the RV on the sand). A bit of planning and the right selection of places would ultimately lead you to a stress-free enjoyment option. Now, for the inexperienced, planning and picking out the right choices can be a bit tough. So, here we are with a list of suggestions that can make your beach RV-ing a smart move.

Keep Sand Out of RV Showers

Beaches are sandy, and it is a part of their charm. It feels great to run, play, walk, sleep, and even make castles in the sand. But, it is not much fun when sand gets inside your RV. Would you like a sandy carpet, floor, and bed? Not good? Then how about shower rooms filled with sand after a few days on the beach? Still not a fan? Then you should rinse the sand off before entering the RV, every time. This simple solution can save you from the tiring task of clearing off the sand inside the RV.

Be Prepared for Temperature Surprise

Beaches don’t own the crown in crazy temperature shifts (that privilege is still desert’s). But, however minimal, its temperature change can affect people as we are basically home dwellers. So, pack for warm days, comfortable evenings, and cool nights.

Always Book for Off-Season

Why? Because that is when traffic on the beach slows down. Plus, not every beach allows free parking for RVs. In such cases, you have to book one of the RV beach resorts. These places can be expensive (although services are awesome), during travel seasons. But, in off seasons you can enjoy feasible deals while savoring the beaches in solitude.

Stay in the Shade

The blue (or green) water and golden sand look great in the morning and even better as the sun travels across the sky. But, being too long out in the sun can harm your health. Sand on the beaches heat up pretty quick, and without shade it can burn your skin. So, always bring a shade whether you plan to sit or sleep on the beach. And don’t forget your sunblock.

Pack Extra Clothing

You cannot go to sleep in sandy clothes. So, put extra clothing items in your bags for sleeping and do not wear them to go outside. Plus, beach RV-ing hardly ever offers choices to wash dirty clothing, unless you are availing laundry services. So, bring extra clothes so you do not have to put on sand-filled pants or jackets when you want to feel comfortable and fresh.

See, making your beach RV vacations a blast is not hard at all. Just keep these few suggestions in mind and you will sail through the trip like an expert.

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