5 Signs That You are a Glamper and Not a Camper

Glamper or CamperWe typically come across two broad categories of travelers – the first group takes pride in their ability to rough it out in the wild and survive without a bit of luxury, while the other simply shudders at the very thought of sacrificing luxury for the sake of getting close to nature.

Which one are you – a camper or a glamper? Not sure? Analyze your travel style against the following criteria to understand your true calling.

Glampers Seek a Touch of Class in Everything

Clean and comfy linen, fine china, good food – glampers want their vacations to be a classy affair. Of course, they don’t undermine the value of a good outdoor experience, but roughing it out in the wild or sleeping under the stars? Come on! Those are not for glampers. All they want at the end of the day is relaxation in a warm, cozy environment.

Glampers Cannot Do without the Basics

Trekking in the hills the whole day and pitching a tent on top of the cliff? Nope! Glampers would rather spend the night at locations that offer at least basic amenities. And RV parks and resorts typically top their wish lists.

Glampers Are Connoisseurs of Good Food

Setting up a camp beside a stream, reeling in a few dozens of fish and cooking for dinner! This might sound like complete bliss for hardcore campers, but not for Glampers. They prefer gourmet food and fine wine to enjoy their vacation.

Glampers Love to Work Their Gray Cells

Sitting under the shade of a tree and reading a book, writing a travelogue, filling up the canvas or clicking the spectacular nature around them – if you happen to be a glamper, you would rather indulge in activities that put your gray cells in action. Some low-intensity fun activities like a little angling or a leisurely horse riding at the sunset are not completely ruled out though.

Glampers Always Come to Vacation Gadget-clad

Unlike passionate campers, glampers don’t like to sever the touch with civilization. The unmistakable sign of being a glamper is that a power charger tops your packing list. Be it staying connected to friends and family, reading e-books or watching movies on the go, glampers never step out of their homes without packing their cellphones and tabs at the least.

A glamper or a camper? We are sure now you know your true color as a traveler. So plan your RV trip accordingly and enjoy.

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