5 Games to Play When RV-ing

RV GamesPlanning for an RV vacation? So, hurry up, pull out your home-on-wheels out of your driveway and hit the roads. But hold on! How do you plan to keep yourself busy and entertained when stuck at busy roads or clogged highways? Here are five of the most time-tested games that will keep you and your children amused:

1. Animal Game

A participant thinks of any animal. The other players can ask simple questions which he answers with a yes or a no. For example, you can ask questions like: Is it a mammal? Is it a wild animal? Can you tame it? One keeps guessing until the animal is identified or until all the participants give up. Play this game to see how your kids use their logic to find solutions to problems.

2. Alphabet Game

Begin with the letter A. Keep looking for words outside your vehicle or on the road that begin with a specific letter. For example, if you are playing with the letter D, look for road signs for Dakota. You’ll have to continue with this game till you have gone through the whole alphabet and in order. For X, you can use words like exhaust or exit.

3. Bury Your Horses

Each one of you in your rig looks for horses and cemeteries. The first player who notices a horse claims the animal and can add it to his count. Again, the first person who notices a cemetery screams, ‘Bury your horses’ and the shouter’s horse count becomes zero. Continue the game in this way. The first participant who can count 50 horses is the winner of this game.

4. Dictionary Memory

A player says, “My brother’s puppy is …”, and completes this sentence with a single word description beginning with A, say ‘adorable’. The next player should use the letter B, such as beautiful. This way, the game continues. It will improve your kid’s vocabulary.

5. Grocery Store Game

The first player begins by saying, “I visited a grocery store to buy apricots.” The next participant has to repeat what the first player had said and add a word with the letter B. He will say, “I visited a grocery store to buy apricots and bagels.” And, the game continues till you are through with all the letters from A to Z.

RV games are the best to keep you busy when traveling in a motor home. Think of more games and have fun.

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