5 Clever Packing Tips for Your Small RV

RV Packing TipsRV-ing offers you the best of both worlds — the comfort of your home coupled with the excitement of an adventure trip. But if you own a small motor home, you need to pack your stuff smartly so that your belongings don’t weigh your home-on-wheels down. If you are new to RV-ing and not sure how to pack for your small RV, here are five clever packing tips to help you out:

1. Create a General Packing List

Prepare a general packing list so that you can use it again for future trips. Look at this list and analyze the same after the journey. You’re sure to find stuff that you did not need at all during the trip. With every trip you take, this list will become more and more perfect over time. Eventually, you’ll need less things and less time to pack in the future.

2. Reuse Towels or Linens

Avoid packing numerous towels or linens. Instead, carry a few and reuse them. Why waste your RV’s precious cupboard space when you can use a Laundromat? Plan your route accordingly.

3. Plan Your Meals

Though planning your meals means a lot of effort, but it will save you the cumbersome task of packing more food than you need. It saves a lot of your time during the journey and you’ll have more time for fun and adventure instead of sweating in your RV kitchen.

4. Don’t Fuss Over Kitchen Accessories

Don’t work yourself up by packing extra kitchen accessories that you don’t need. When you’ve already planned your meals, why worry over a Crock-pot! Even small things like utensils, bowls, plates, cups and saucers take up a lot of your RV space. Pack a few of these items, not more.

5. Re-wear Clothes

Stop packing extra clothes. Instead, carry a few that you will need during the trip and wear them again. No matter how much you love wearing that red and black top, it’s only the fun part of the trip that will make it to your memories.

Pack less stuff when RV-ing so that you have less to unpack at the journey’s end. Travel comfortably in your motor home and enjoy the trip.

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