4 Ways to Protect The Color of Your RV

RV Color ProtectionWhat’s even better than a freshly painted RV? A rig that doesn’t need paintwork. Well, it’s not technically impossible you know. Just take care of your RV’s paint and you don’t have to bother about it for years.

Here are four ways to protect the color of your RV and keep it in the best form.

Stay Away from Sunlight

Well, we understand the fact that finding a parking space is very difficult, especially if it is the peak season. But if you do not want to ruin the color of your RV then start early and get the best parking space under a shed. Too much exposure to the elements can take away the radiance of your vehicle. The fresh quote of color will not last long and the van will appear dull and unattractive.

Avoid Parking under a Tree

While parking under a tree can keep your RV cool, there are some side effects. The coolness will let the water sit on your RV roof. What follows next are dew and fungi. The leaves accumulate on the top and further prevent the water from drying up fast, especially from the small pockets. So, even if you park the RV under a tree, make sure you clean the roof properly.

Don’t be Harsh while Cleaning

Of course, your RV is meant to hit the road. Even if you have done the painting job, you cannot keep it inside the garage for long. This means, your RV will be exposed to grease, oil and dirt once again. So, all you can do is wash and clean the walls to get rid of these marks and dirt. But do not be careless while cleaning. Avoid scrubbing. Rather use a gentle soap and water. Harsh chemicals and scrubbers can leave a scratch mark on the paint.

Don’t Miss Cleaning Day

If you have set a date for cleaning, stick to that and try not to forget it. Leaves, bird dropping, dust and oil can degrade the beauty of your newly painted RV. So take care of your vehicle and drive happily.

If you are getting all ready for your road trip, why should the rig be ignored? Take care of your RV and let it shine for years to come. As they say, a thing of beauty is a joy forever.

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