4 Unique Places to Park Your RV

park_motorhomeTraveling in your motor home is a fun-filled and exciting experience. The kind of spot you choose to park your rig during the night tells something about your RV-ing habit and lifestyle. Here are four of the unique places where you can park your home-on-wheels:

1. Truck Stops

Truck stops do not only delight RV-ers with a plethora of services, but some of them even allow motor home aficionados rest for the night absolutely free. The national brand truck stops make a quick buck from the food, fuel, drinks or any other items that you buy from them. Besides a free parking space and fuel, many of them provide full-functioning eateries as well as convenience stores to restock your supplies. You can even clear your RV’s waste tanks at free dumpsites.

2. Restaurants

Having trouble parking your huge RV? Not a problem! Renowned restaurant chain such as Cracker Barrel comes with parking lots, besides offering great-tasting food at affordable prices. You’ll generally find these restaurants right at the exit on the highway. Some of the McDonald’s outlets have secondary parking spaces with areas designated for recreational vehicles. Both of these brands also offer free Wi-Fi for RV-ers.

3. Small Towns

You’ll find small town America pretty warm and welcoming. A few of the local city parks will delight you with a free one-night stay, expecting you to dine at one of the restaurants or go for a movie during your stay.

4. RV Resorts

RV-ers who want first-rate amenities and more luxuries, RV resorts are the best place for them to camp overnight. These places are complete with all modern amenities including digital TV and round-the-clock internet access. You can stop by these RV resorts for a few months or even a year, based on your traveling needs. Most of them are plush, spacious and come with top-of-the-line facilities such as clubhouses, clean bathrooms, amusement centers, restaurants, valet trash services and paper delivery. Senior RV-ers can enjoy potlucks, classes and even dances.

Next time you hit the roads with your family and friends, park your RV at one of these places for a fun-filled trip.

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