3 Tips to Keep Wild Animals at Bay While Camping

RV CampingA general rule of thumb while RV camping is to do your best to keep your campsite safe from wild animals. You’ve probably read stories of campers unintentionally attracting the attention of animals with the scent of eatables. When you’re camping in the wilderness, you must take some precautionary measures to avoid wildlife intrusion.

Here are three useful tips to help you keep wild animals at bay when camping:

1. Use Deodorants and Lotions before Noon

The smell of food is not the only thing that attracts wild animals to your campsite. In case you use creams, deodorants or lotions, do so before noon to let the smell fade away before nightfall. You never know when a bunch of curious raccoons might intrude your campsite following the scent of your deodorant. Keep all creams and lotions in an odor-free case and away from all eatables.

2. Avoid Leaving Dropped or Uneaten Food

Make sure you have a spick and span campsite. Get rid of scraps of dropped or uneaten food if you don’t want a surprise bear visit at night. You could also use a bear canister to keep your food safe from these animals. Wash your hands thoroughly after each meal and touch all containers only with clean hands. Apart from maintaining hygiene, this would also ensure that food odor from your hands does not spread all over the place.

3. Set up Your Camp Away from the Cooking Area

Keep your campsite safe by setting it up at least 200 feet away from where you’ve decided to cook. When you need to get rid of things, dispose of them in odor-proof garbage bags. Follow the campground rules religiously if you’re camping in a bear country.

Camping, cooking and playing games in the open grounds are exciting until you have an unwanted visit from a curious inhabitant of the woods. And we are sure you won’t if you follow the simple tips we have just shared. Hop on your motor home, drive to your chosen destination, and have fun with your family and friends in America’s great outdoors.

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