3 Tips to Cook Safely in Your Motor Home

Safe RV Cooking TipsOvens, grills, microwaves, or stoves– these are some of the items you use for cooking while traveling in your RV. Though you can toss up delicious meals using one of these appliances, they have a place and a time for use, and require more of your attention when cooking in your motor home. . How? Here are three safety tips to help you whip up a scrumptious lunch or dinner while traveling:

1. Use Cooking Appliances Sold at a Camping Store

If you’re using small cooking stove or oven in your home kitchen, you would be tempted to use them in your rig as well. But hold on! Your coffee maker, rice cooker or electric frying pan may be harmless when used at home, but dangerous in your RV. Make sure that these appliances are fit for indoor use, particularly in your RV kitchen. Opt for cooking appliances available at a camping store and ascertain whether they comply with the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association guidelines and standards.

2. Look for Electric Countertop Grills

No matter whether you’re using a charcoal or gas grill, both are dangerous to use inside your motor home. No, it’s not the flames alone. It’s the colorless and odorless carbon monoxide that’s hard to detect. The lethal gas may drift into your RV’s living area without you suspecting it! To avoid suffocation, use nothing but an electric countertop grill.

3. Avoid Building Campfires near Your RV

Never build campfires near your motor home. Read up campfire rules and follow them religiously. Be careful when the wind is blowing strong and avoid blowing into the fire. Even a minor spark may lead to fire accidents.

by exercising caution and a little common sense when cooking in your motor home. Make sure you have a proper evacuation plan in case of an emergency.

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