3 Spectacular Waterfalls In Canada You Must See When RV-ing

Waterfalls In CanadaSummer has come. Perfect time to plan for a coveted RV escapade, eh? But where? Canada is blessed with an abundance of natural wonders such as lofty mountains, picturesque lakes, rivers and cascading waterfalls. Make the most of your trip by exploring a few of Canada’s most jaw-dropping waterfalls close to RV campgrounds. Here are three of them:

1. Inglis Falls

Head for the Inglis Falls, located south of Owen Sound, a city in southern Ontario, Canada. This is a place worth your visit, where you can see the steep Niagara slope meet the Sydenham River. The falls, with a number of adventure trails to explore, are a treat to an RV-er’s eyes. The scenic spots and the hiking areas around the Inglis Falls look stunning whenever you visit. Find a few RV parks nearby such as the Owen Sound KOA or the Sunny Valley Park where you can park your motor home safely.

2. Montmorency Falls

Do not miss experiencing the breathtaking Montmorency Falls on the Montmorency River. You will find a suspension bridge above the falls that lets travelers get a spectacular view of nature. The bridge also gives you access to both sides of the park. You’ll find the perfect RV spots near Quebec City KOA.

3. Mystic Beach

The Mystic Beach in Vancouver Island, British Columbia, is a magical place that you would love to visit. It’s unique in its own way and more secluded than usual. Enjoy an exciting trek via a zigzag rain forest trail and a suspension bridge. Do not forget to take the log ladders when descending. Once you reach the beach, get the magnificent view of the sandstone cliffs towering over the ocean. Drink in the beauty of the cascading waterfalls from above to the beach below. Park your RV at the British Columbia Parks Discover Camping Reservation Service.

Pack your bags and head for these waterfalls in your luxury motor home. Happy RV-ing!

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