3 Simple Tips to Improve Mileage While Saving Money

Improve RV MileageYou always knew that RV-ing has more to it than just taking scenic routes and stopping wherever you want. And with the best deal on used RVs, finally you have the chance of exploring everything this on-road (but luxurious) life has to offer. However, you need to be a bit prepared before putting your car in motion. By being prepared, we mean calculating the expenses. Your fuel costs will be one of the primary components that you need to control to keep expenses at minimum. Easier said than done, we know! But here we have a few suggestions that can help you out in making your RV trips mileage-efficient.

Check the Tires

Sure, you will get detailed information on average mileage of you selected RV before buying. But, after that you need to make sure that the tires always have a healthy level of air. Low tires are harder to roll and you will burn more fuel to cover less distance with them. Plus, low tires can wear down the treads faster, adding tire replacement to you expenses.

Keep it at Moderate Speed

An RV trip can offer safety, convenience, and comfort. But it is not for racing So, try not to run the vehicle too fast. Be a friend to moderate speed. Going above 65 mph may reduce more than seven percent of your RV fuel economy. So, take it slow and smooth.

Keep Your Engine Healthy

Check your RV engine and replace the spark plug and wires if they look overused. Checking the air filter once in a while can also keep your engine purring while improving your mileage per gallon. It is also a wise choice to shut down the engine when you are stuck in traffic.

These are a few easy ways in which you can save your RV from burning fuel unnecessarily. Your RV trip can offer you the experience of a lifetime. All you need to do is to keep an eye on these little things and you are golden.

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