3 Reasons to Use Green Cleaning Products for Your Home-On-Wheels

RV cleaning productsKnow what? The conventional, store-bought products that you use to keep your motor home clean can be utterly detrimental to the environment. However, if you are an environment-conscious traveler, you would want to get rid of these chemical-based RV cleaning products for good. Switching to eco-friendly, non-toxic products have the following benefits not only for the environment, but also for your health:

Get Rid of Toxic Chemicals

Almost 70 percent of typical store-bought cleaning products contain toxic chemicals, most of which are not even approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Most people use these toxic cleaning items out of sheer ignorance and also because they have been in use for generations. Just a single look at the labels will tell you what you have been using for such a long time – triclosan for liquid dishwashing detergent, phthalates for fragrant soaps and detergent, 2-Butoxyethanol for several types of cleaners, and chlorine for fabric whiteners and toilet cleaners! Do you think these chemicals are good for human health? Nope. Your pet, too, is susceptible to their harmful reactions. Green cleaning products are free from these harmful substances, and therefore can help you create a healthy interior for your motor home.

Create a Safe Haven for Your Kids

Did you know that cleaners are one of the top five causes of child-poisoning? Contact with these harmful chemicals often result in accidental poisoning for kids. Replace these toxic cleaners with green products to restrict your children’s access to them.

Prevent Water Supply Contamination and Save the Environment

Cleaning products contain chemicals such as ammonia, petroleum, and phosphorus. When you use these products to wash your clothes, utensils and other items, the chemicals are sent back to the sewerage, and finally to the nearby rivers and lakes. And the consequence? They get mixed into your drinking water, and also have a negative impact on the environment and wildlife. The spray products containing ammonium compounds also cause air-pollution and are utterly dangerous for the people with asthma.

In addition, aerosols and sprays contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can affect your vital organs such as liver, kidneys, and central nervous system. Chemicals keep on lingering in the air even long after you have used the sprays.

Avoid adding pollutants to the indoor air of your motor home. Switch to green cleaning product that is safe for children and pets. Your decision to embrace green will not only reduce the health-risks of whoever is occupying your RV, but will also eliminate the odds of toxic chemical getting washed into the environment.

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