3 Mistakes Every RV Owner Must Avoid

Mistakes of RVer's LifeTo many, RV living is the best living. Of course, you too think the same, else why would you be here? But, things can go wrong in your personal paradise. Why? Because we are mere mortals prone to making mistakes. However, in most cases you can easily bypass them. In this blog, we will discuss about three mistakes that you must avoid to make your trip happy and memorable.

Traveling with TV Antenna Up

It may happen that you went to bed quite late last night after watching an exciting soccer game. You got up early according to your schedule and started driving. But, as the roof of your RV brush against a low branch of a tree, you hear a loud clanking noise and that is when you realize, ‘Oh God, I didn’t pull the TV antenna down last night!’

So, if you have the habit of watching TV or listening to the radio on a trip, make sure you have a pre-trip checklist. You must walk around the vehicle and pull the antennas down before turning the engine on.

Not Monitoring the Height of Your RV

Who doesn’t want to go on a long trip in a big RV! But a bigger RV a bit more planning on your part. Look for RV campgrounds where you can comfortably park your vehicle. Also, check out the route of the trip before setting out. Low bridges might pose a problem, so double-check it. After all, you wouldn’t want to damage the air conditioner or radio antenna due to your negligence.

Neglecting RV Battery Maintenance

If you have been maintaining everything inside your RV except the battery, you better avoid doing so. God save you if the batteries die in the middle of nowhere. Try not to forget recharging the RV batteries or checking their status. Else your RV can sustain technical damages, which will be expensive to repair.

Traveling is fun only if you are doing it the right. So, be watchful and avoid these errors to enjoy a great trip.

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