3 Best Non-Alcoholic Cocktails You Can Enjoy While RV-ing

mocktails for RV TripBored of drinking the same beverages whenever hitting the roads in your motor home? Don’t like having the same soft drinks either? You don’t have to. Savor the sweet taste of delicious cocktails with your family and friends sans the booze. Pamper yourself by indulging in some of the drink combinations made with fresh juices, flavored water and yummy syrups. Here are three best mocktails you can enjoy when RV-ing:

1. Arizona Sunrise

How about some fresh orange juice, first thing in the morning? Prepare this simple drink by mixing equal proportions of Sprite and orange juice. Do not forget to add some ice to the drink. You can make this drink more delicious by adding a little grenadine syrup to every glass before you serve. To get the perfect taste of Arizona Sunrise, add the right kind of ice.

2. Flavored Water

Did you know that you can make plain water taste extraordinary? Take a sealable pitcher and fill it with water. Put different types of fresh herbs and sliced fruits into the pitcher. Seal the container and place it aside. Allow some time, and you’ll get to taste a low-calorie drink that tastes sweet and is full of mouth-watering flavors. Try mint, basil and strawberries or a variety of citrus fruits like Mandarin orange, grapefruit, watermelon, pineapple and sweet lime on your first RV trip with your family.

3. Mock Mint Julep

Mock Mint Julep is a toothsome drink you can easily prepare before traveling. Take one-fourth cup of sugar, one-fourth cup of water and one tablespoon of fresh, chopped mint leaves. Put this mixture in a container, stir and boil it until the sugar gets dissolved. Keep it aside for an hour to get the mint flavor. Filter the mint leaves to get a delicious syrup. When traveling, fill your glass with lemonade, crushed ice and a spatter of the mint-flavored syrup. Stir and savor the drink!

Try one of these three great tasting drinks on your next motor home trip and add many delicious moments with your family. Have fun!

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