3 Beautiful Yet Scary Road Trips You Must Avoid When RV-ing

Scary Motorhome Road TripWho doesn’t like to cruise down the beautiful American roads in their motor home? Roads with surprising ascends, turns or dips? But not all the amazing looking roads are safe for you. Here is a quick list of three such highways that you better avoid.

1. Highway 2, Montana

Although Highway 2 looks spectacular, driving down this stretch in your RV can also be your worst nightmare. Avoid it if you do not want to get stranded here for several hours due to the mountains, wild winds or insanely rash drivers. This highway is known for all the wrong reasons –accidents, speed-thirsty drivers and bad weather. What’s the bottom line? Avoid it at all cost.

2. Highway 17, South Carolina

You may find this Beaufort County (South Carolina) highway strikingly beautiful at first. Wait until your RV-ing feels more and more like a roller coaster ride at the Six Flags. You would soon lose focus of the tree-lined roads as you have a hard time managing your RV on the sharply ascending and descending highway. The lanes are narrow and dangerous with blind curves and several free-range animals. Moving up and down on the Highway 17 is extremely challenging if you are traveling in your motor home. So, keep away from this road.

3. James Dalton Highway

The James Dalton highway has breathtaking scenery, but driving your RV on this stretch of road is unsafe as it’s full of pot holes. Flying rocks and strong gusts of wind will make driving very difficult. The weather can be extremely unpredictable with the temperature dropping way below zero degrees. When vehicle rental agencies don’t allow their customers to travel on this stretch, would you risk it in your RV? Think about it.

A motor home trip should be fun and thrilling, but not at the expense of your safety. Take some time out to plan an adventure trip in your RV. There are several beautiful and safe roads in the US that you can explore.

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