2019 RV Resolutions

What are your New Year’s resolutions for 2019? Do you want to eat less sugar, workout more, or plant a garden? Resolutions are a great way to make changes that improve your life, with the start of a new year providing the perfect opportunity to start new habits.  There’s still time to make some for 2019.

When you are living the RV lifestyle, there are resolutions that you can make to improve your experience on the road in 2019, like…

Staying on top of maintenance

Motor homes have all of the maintenance needs of a vehicle combined with many of the maintenance needs of a house. There are a lot of systems that you need to keep up with, and if you do, your RV will work better for years longer. Make it a resolution this year to keep up with your maintenance checklists, whether or not you have a trip planned.

One of the easiest-to-forget maintenance steps that is absolutely critical to the life of your motor home is monitoring tire pressure. Keeping tires properly inflated can save you from a lot of expensive wear-and-tear, improve gas mileage, and prevent costly damage. The good news is that the days of getting down on the ground with a gauge and checking air pressure are over. Many newer RVs have sophisticated tire pressure monitoring systems installed on purchase, including many of the ones in our inventory of Class A models.

Traveling more slowly

Instead of racing through your roadtrips, plan things out so that you can enjoy the journey and see things along the way. Take your time; your destination can wait, and the stops you make might end up being just as memorable.

So the next time you hear about an adorable small town along your route or see a sign for the World’s Largest Ball of Twine, flip on the turn signal and take that exit. Savor the experiences of the road!

Leaving reviews

Online reviews help people make decisions about where & what to buy or eat and where to stay. These reviews come from people like you who take the time to share their experiences at restaurants, shops, and RV parks. Be that helpful person this year! It only takes a few minutes to leave a review. By passing along your experiences, you can make roadtrip decisions that much easier for your fellow RVers!

Whatever you want to get out of RVing in 2019, making goals and setting new habits can help you make the most of a year on the road!

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