Featured Motor Home: One Elegant Lady

You have to appreciate a motor home that is named “Elegant.” This one lives up to that label.

This 2005 Liberty H3-45 Elegant Lady Prevost bus conversion has been on the road for a few years, but it is still a stunner. Huge, at 45’ long, its two slides expand the inside to be incredibly spacious. And, boy, wait until you see the inside. You might just want to move into this RV permanently once you see the gorgeous, laminate cabinetry, countertops, and marble floors. Luxury fixtures, hanging drawers, booth seating at the kitchen table…it’s unique and beautiful, and you can see yourself walking in and taking a stroll through the living area like you’re in a dream.

Other bells and whistles include a trash compactor, coffee maker, residential refrigerator, remote control electric blinds, bedroom vanity, and bunks with their own HD TVs. There’s more to see, so check out the inventory page on our website for a complete list and gallery of photos:


This vehicle has been well-kept and cared for, with 57,000 miles on the odometer. It’s yours for just $549,900 from Motor Home Finders.

She’s a beauty, worthy of the title of Elegant Lady.


Motor Home Finders is a licensed motor home broker based in Dade City, Florida. Specializing in diesel, luxury motor homes and bus conversions, Motor Home Finders has 50+ years of experience in buying and selling luxury RVs nationwide. Their mission is to eliminate the difficult efforts of private sellers trying to sell their recreational vehicle by orchestrating a seamless RV transaction process. To learn more, call 1-888-783-4009 or visit motorhomefinders.com.

Winter Destinations to Plan For

Normally when we give you RV travel destinations, we do it in the middle of the season in question. This time, we wanted to to do things a bit differently and give you a few ideas for winter travel early so that you can plan. So get out your maps and your calendars and start planning for December and January. Here are some great places to walk in a winter wonderland.

Yosemite National Park is an American treasure, a place to witness some of the most beautiful natural views our country has to offer. Seeing these wonders covered in snow is a different experience, one that you might just never forget. While the park is booming during the summer, in winter there are much fewer guests, allowing you a more intimate adventure.

While we’re on the subject of natural wonders: There are a lot of amazing things about visiting the Grand Canyon, not the least of which is a breathtaking, unforgettable view. The biggest downside can be the Arizona heat that is a staple of the region for most of the year, and the crowds present in the summer can make the experience less fun. If you visit Grand Canyon National Park in the winter, the heat won’t be a problem, and neither will the crowds. The park goes all out to celebrate the Christmas season, too, transforming the famous Grand Canyon Railway into the Polar Express on its way to meet Santa Claus.

Estes Park, Colorado is a well-known winter destination, and it should be on your Christmas party bucket list. The streets are decked out (as are the halls, presumably) and the locals are full of Christmas cheer. Take a snowshoe hike, sip some famous, award-winning wine, and enjoy some fantastic dining options—or, if you’re so inclined, hit the slopes for some snow sports. There’s no better place when the powder starts to fall!

In Stone Mountain, Georgia, they celebrate Christmas for a whole month. Activities include train rides, light shows, fireworks, Christmas characters, snow tubing and more, all at Stone Mountain Park, which has RV campsites available. If you’re in the Southeast, this might be the spot for you to take a quick December jaunt.

Wherever you celebrate this season, whether at home or on an RV trip, we hope that your winter season is full of family fun and memories. Take the time to plan something special!


Motor Home Finders is a licensed motor home broker based in Dade City, Florida. Specializing in diesel, luxury motor homes and bus conversions, Motor Home Finders has 50+ years of experience in buying and selling luxury RVs nationwide. Their mission is to eliminate the difficult efforts of private sellers trying to sell their recreational vehicle by orchestrating a seamless RV transaction process. To learn more, call 1-888-783-4009 or visit motorhomefinders.com.

Latest Features for RVs: What You Can’t Miss Out On

latest features for rvs

We all love something new and shiny – it’s basic human nature. So, you shouldn’t feel guilty when you buy a used motor home you got on sale, and you immediately start thinking of ways to spruce it up. Buying an older model might save you money, but at the same time, you might miss out on a few features found in modern RVs. There’s no reason to worry, however, since you can buy and install most of these additions later on. Let’s take a look at these newest features to determine which ones are worth your time and money, and which ones aren’t.

Climate Control

Many RV manufacturers have begun to build vehicles with climate control capabilities. Such models come with insulating and heating systems such as heat pumps, propane furnaces, air conditioning units, and remote temperature sensors. This allows people within the RV to stay warm, irrespective of the outside weather condition.

Better Quality Roofs

Extreme hot and cold temperatures are not only hazardous to your health but damage your RV roofs too. For this reason, new RV models now feature a one-piece roof. Not only are these roofs low maintenance and walkable, but they also offer great UV protection and resist fungus and algae.


The ongoing green movement has given impetus to the rise of eco-friendly solar RVs. Many of these units offer solar as an option, but a lot of manufacturers have already traded in standard features for solar-friendly variants. The installation of solar-powered gadgets and appliances has also become easier than before.

Provisions for Technology

In the current Digital Age, it’s hard to imagine life without computers, laptops, Bluetooth, etc. RV manufacturers understand this and include electronic features in the newer models. But older units lack such capabilities. If you plan on including these options in your pre-owned RV, you need to devise a good strategy or confirm the pre-wiring.

If any of the new features listed above capture your fancy, let us know – we can help you get a good deal on motor homes with these features. Here’s to a life of fun and adventure.

How to Store RV Covers After Use?

RV Cover

Your RV is your home away from home, which means that like a normal house, it needs regular cleaning and maintenance. The problem is, a motor home, especially if it’s a class A or a luxury model, can grow up to enormous sizes, which means you will have to put in a bit of extra effort to keep your investment safe and clean. This is why an RV cover is such an important accessory. Not only do they safeguard your vehicle against snow and slush during harsh winters, but they also act as a protective buffer against leaves, twigs, and mountains of pollen during springs and summers. But one question that perplexes newbie RV-ers is, how do you store RV covers after use? Find out below:

Cleaning the Cover

Before you start thinking about storage, you need to give the RV cover a good and thorough wash to get rid of all the accumulated dirt and dust. The right way to do so is to place the product on a large, flat surface, and use a garden hose to rinse it down. You might be tempted to do the job using a pressure washer, but that is not recommended as you risk damaging the cover extensively. It might take you longer to clean the cover using a hose, but at least you guarantee the safety of the cover.

Next, mix mild soap and water in a bucket, and apply the solution to your RV cover using a soft brush. Once again, rinse the cover using the garden hose, and let it dry completely. Make sure that no moisture remains trapped in between the folds as this quickly turns into a breeding ground for mildew or mold.

Storage Options


Storage Bag

Once you’re done, try storing the washed and dried cover in the original storage bag it came in. Most of them are made of good quality materials and prevent any moisture from damaging the RV cover.

Larger Bag

In case you’ve lost the original storage bag, or you’re having trouble cramming the cover back into it, you can always opt for a larger, breathable bag. These are normally used for storing sails but if they accommodate your RV cover, then why not!

Plastic Trash Can

If all else fails, there’s always plastic trash cans. Use one to store your RV cover. When opting for this method though, you’ll have to modify the bin slightly and include breathing holes so that no moisture remains trapped inside. You could even drill tiny holes on the surface of the bin or cut out sections and replace them with a heavy fabric screen.

You need to store the RV cover properly so that you can use it again. Where you store the product depends on the size of the cover, which in turn is dictated by the dimensions of your vehicle. So, make sure you purchase the cover only after you’ve bought your motor home. If you’re in the market for one, we can get you some incredible deals on used motor homes. Check them out here.

Embracing a Fulltime RV Lifestyle – Who Does That?

Fulltime RV Lifestyle

The idea of leaving a sprawling home only to move into a 40-feet box might sound crazy to most people, but there are millions of Americans who live on the open road. Who are those brave hearts who have happily ditched the bricks and sticks and embraced a lifestyle charged fully with challenges and adventures? Read on to know:

People with a Go-Slow Philosophy

Not everybody wants to be a part of the rat race. You will meet many high-flying professionals from every walk of life who crave for a slower and ‘purer’ lifestyle. Thus, among full-time RV-ers, you are likely to find a number of professionals who have happily shunned lucrative jobs for a rugged lifestyle on the highways. What’s more, they find no problems in finding seasonal or temporary employment to sustain themselves. They accept positions for a limited period and then again set off for a new destination. Creative people like writers, artists, photographers, and movie makers mostly make up this RV community segment. This nomadic demography also includes sharp business persons and shrewd consultants who are in a position to operate remotely and earn while they travel.


For obvious reasons, retirees find the idea of driving their homes from coast to coast and city to city overly attractive. They have worked all their lives, built up wealth, brought up children and now it’s time for them to relax. However, the fit and active retirees interpret the word ‘relaxation’ differently from their ordinary home-bound counterparts.  For them, relaxation means basking in the sun on the beaches, chasing the wind in high altitudes, or interacting with nature in picturesque Locations. Not all of them have an inflated retirement fund; it is just that with their yearning for a lifestyle change, they learned the ABCs of frugal living. Also, they have learned the effective management of their Social Security incomes for a comfortable lifestyle on the road.

People Engaged in Professions That Require Travel

Traveling is an integral part of many occupations. Thus, from construction workers to mobile nurses and from writers to consultants, individuals with a thirst for adventure and a penchant for exploration, find it convenient to own a wheeled home that they can take from one job location to the next.

People Who Rally Behind a Cause

Some people are not just born to live a mundane life guided by petty self-interests. They believe in living for a cause. Even voicing support for a cause is not adequate for them; they believe in sweating it out on the field and join nonprofit organizations, churches, and international agencies to work for the people in distress or raise awareness on a variety of issues. Living in a wheeled home frees them from the obligation and responsibility of maintaining a brick and mortar existence, and managing the nitty-gritty of a mundane life.

Does the life on the road appeal to you, and the experiences of these new ‘nomads’ inspire you to embrace the lifestyle of a different kind? Well, before taking the plunge, make sure you have planned your steps well. All the successful RV-ers have reportedly done that. Our experienced staff can help you choose a suitable motor home for embarking on a new lifestyle.

Taking Your Doggy on an RV Trip? Here are 5 Tips for You

RV trip

Whether you plan to spend your vacation with your puppy in a well-equipped RV park or want to boondock in a remote location cut off from the urban hustles and bustles, the right preparation helps you maximize the fun. Below are some expert-approved outdoor tips that you will find helpful:

1. Safety First

Do not let your doggy run around unrestrained. Keep him on leads whenever possible, especially when you are enjoying a leisurely stroll. Do not let him roam around freely even when inside the campsite; use a long lead on a stake to keep him within your sightline. Besides microchipping, fix an ID tag on its collar with your name and mobile number on it.

2. Special Care for Some Breeds

Dogs, undoubtedly, make wonderful travel companions. If your furry friend belongs to the snub-nosed brachycephalic family like pugs and bulldogs, you will have to give it some extra attention. This is because, with their short snouts, these breeds of dogs find difficulty in cooling themselves. They get easily exhausted and find it difficult to breathe. If your travel plan includes a lot of hiking, be especially wary of this aspect.

3. Hydration Is Important

Be sure to provide plenty of clean water to your canine pal when traveling in hilly terrains or playing on the beach during the day. Don’t get out of your rig without a container full of water for your dog.

4. Feel-at-Home Factors

Carry the bedding that your doggy uses at home. It will make him feel comfortable in an unfamiliar environment. Also, provide a comfy blanket somewhere inside your trailer to let him take a casual nap. For that matter, don’t forget to pack some of your doggy’s favorite snacks. It will not only make him happy but will also help him avoid indigestion and stomach upset.

5. Long Drive Preparedness

Just like humans, dogs too get motion sickness from long drives. Get him used to it by taking him out on short trips. This experience will gradually make him fit for taking up a road trip that lasts for long hours.

All it needs is some preparation to make a camping trip with your pet dog a grand success. We are sure that our tips will help you in this regard. And if you want some assistance in buying a motor home for your dream vacation, just contact us here.