Make Your Motor Home Trip Easier With an RV Travel List

RV Travel ListNew to RV-ing? Don’t worry; we all were at some point in life.

Are you contemplating going on an RV road trip? Are you prepared enough and sure of what to carry and what to leave behind? Any motorhome trip calls for proper planning, organization, and a method. It’s not a good idea to hit the road without any travel lists. Read on to learn how you can create a smart RV checklist to make the most out of your trip.

Create at Least Two Travel Checklists

Although you don’t need to make a checklist of every possible thing under the sun, following are the most common types:

General List: A general list must include all of the items that you’ll need on a daily basis during the trip.

Hobbies and Activities: This list will include items that will make your trip more enjoyable. Fishing gear, bicycles, and board games are a few to mention.

Health and Hygiene: Include items such as medicines, sunscreens, lotions, and hygiene products for women on this list.

Campground Set Up: This is a list that will record all that you are supposed to do once you reach your campsite and before you decide to leave. Categorize the list into sections such as groceries, clothes, health, makeup, linens, and hair grooming.

Create a Common Template

Every RV travel list is different from the other depending on the kind of trip you take. Create a template to make things simpler. This will save you from the trouble of creating a new list every time you decide to travel in your rig. Create a spreadsheet as it will help you remember anything that you may need during the journey. In case you need to make any changes, simply update the original template when necessary.

It’s not possible to carry all the things in your RV that you normally use at home. However, with an RV travel checklist you will know that you have all the essential items you’ll need during the trip. If you need any assistance in buying a travel-friendly motor home, contact us now.

5 Things Every RV Beginner Must Keep in Mind

Things for RV BeginnersNew to RV-ing? Don’t worry; we all were at some point in life.

Traveling in a big rig may seem difficult at first, but it’s just a matter of time before you start enjoying the experience. However, you need to keep in mind a few things to make your vacation more enjoyable. Here are five things to consider before you pack your bags and hit the roads:

  1. Get to Know Your Motor Home

You have little experience traveling in an RV, so, take your time to learn how your rig works. For example, if there is a problem or something snaps, you should be able to fix it. Read the user manual very carefully. If you can fix a minor problem yourself, why spend so much money on a mechanic? You can avoid operational mistakes if you are familiar with your RV. For instance, if you are not sure as to how many amps your vehicle’s primary breaker can handle, you may cause considerable damage to your rig.

  1. Plan It Well

Make a solid plan before you start RV-ing. The most important aspect to consider is budget. How much can you shell out for food, entertainment or overnight camping? Decide whether you want to cook in your RV kitchen or eat out. Make sure you chalk out a proper route for your trip, as well as an alternative one. Decide on the places you want to stop and visit on the way. Take some time to plan which campground you want to rest at during the night.

  1. Practice Driving Your RV

Remember that you’ll not be driving a car, but a motor home. Once you’ve planned which route to take, practice driving your motor home on a similar road. As a newbie, it’s hard to drive on difficult roads, ascend steep hills or switch lanes.

  1. Have a Campsite Checklist

Make sure you have a campsite checklist prepared to make your trip hassle-free. Your list must include things like locating water, electrical and sewage connections. Check the campsite for any hanging branches or barriers on the ground. Set your RV awning up on the campground. Connect your motor home’s appliances to the campsite’s electrical hookup instead of exhausting your rig’s propane or battery.

  1. Carry a Toolkit and Spares

Carry a toolkit and spares that you’ll need while RV-ing. Include things like light bulbs, fuses, jumper cables, bolts, connectors, and nuts. Carrying these items will make your RV travel more convenient. Else, you’ll have to order the parts and wait for them until they are shipped.

RV-ing is a fun way to enjoy the great outdoors. If you already own a motor home, there is nothing like it. If not, contact us for a free quote.

5 Camping Items You Must Carry On Your Next RV Trip

camping itemsDo you think camping is fun? We hate to break your heart, but the truth is it can sometimes be a real pain. That’s only when you aren’t doing it right. So, what’s the correct way to camp? Of course you need an enthusiastic bunch if you are camping in a group, as well as the right kind of gadgets and tools. Items such as a portable stove, a no-spill travel mug or a Bluetooth speaker can make the difference between an enjoyable camping trip and one full of hassles. With the right tools, camping can be fun for everyone. Here is our list of five cool gadgets to simplify your trip:

  1. Flatpot

Carrying ordinary kitchen pans and pots in your motor home may make cooking convenient, but they will take a lot of vehicle space. What’s the solution? Using a folding flatpot. It’s a cool gadget made from durable steel and doesn’t take up too much space.

  1. Pocket Liquor Shots

Do you want to have a party with your friends at your favorite campsite? Go ahead! But there is a problem. Carrying heavy beer or wine bottles is inconvenient. However, you do not need to lug these around if you have pocket liquor shots. They are easily available online and at most liquor stores, and each shot costs less than $2.

  1. Camp Stove Toaster

Do you love eating delicious toast layered with a generous coating of cheese or butter for breakfast? Switch to a camp stove toaster and start your morning on the right note. It is easily available and is affordable too.

  1. Multi-Functional Cooler

The multi-functional cooler consists of a blender, a speaker system, and a USB charger. It has a cool, compact design and is the perfect tool to carry if you are relaxing on a beach, camping, or tailgating.

  1. Portable Bake Oven

If you love baking on your camping vacation, you’ll love this gadget. Yes, it’s a bit on the expensive side, but considering the benefits it offers, this one is well worth its price. Eat, drink and have fun with your family and friends.

These camping tools are sure to make your journey simple, convenient, and more enjoyable. Include them in your next motorhome trip, and if you are planning to buy a new or used motorhome, visit our website now.