3 Tips for Finding a Tent Campsite

Tent CampsiteChoosing the perfect tent site is not an easy task for backpackers. And it doesn’t really matter if they want to camp in a popular camping ground or somewhere in a natural, quiet or secluded spot. Backcountry tent camping is fun, but if you are unprepared, anything could go wrong. Here are three tips to finding an ideal campsite to help you make the most of your camping experience:

1. Basic Ideas and Tips

There are some things that you must be careful about when tent camping to ensure your comfort and safety. Do you know about the rule of 200 feet? This means that you need to set up your tent 200 feet away from dishwashing stations, hiking trails, and walking paths.

2. Choose Where to Camp

Plan where you would like to camp, and avoid camping in unstable spots like alpine meadows. Opt for stronger surfaces such as pine needles instead. Test your campsite by putting your sleeping bag on the ground. If you feel comfortable, start building your tent right at that spot. Look up national forests and national park websites or hiking rulebooks to learn about the regulations of specific campsites. Choose at least three locations so that you have a backup plan if the one you chose is too crowded or occupied. This way, there won’t be any last-minute rush to find a camping spot.

3. Build Campfire Safely

Build your campfire if the site already has a fire ring, the conditions are favorable, and the managing authority permits it. Some sites do not recommend building campfires during specific months or at places that are above certain elevations.

An ideal campsite can add much value to your camping experience. Know the rules and regulations of a campground and plan accordingly. If you want to choose from our range of motorhomes for a camping trip, contact us now.

Mold Prevention in RV Washing Machines

Mould PreventionBuying an RV requires a thorough pre-purchase inspection, and you should check with the seller to determine whether the model of your choice comes with a built-in washing machine or not. You do not always have access to a laundry while on the road, so a washing machine will allow you the luxury of being able to clean your garments at your convenience. Clean clothes are essential to healthy hygiene. That being said, it is important that you focus on the cleanliness of your washing machine as well to ensure that the job gets done right. If your RV washing machine becomes dirty it could result in mold growth. You should avoid this situation at all costs and we will tell you how.

Remove Moist Clothes

When you are done with your laundry duties, you have to make sure all moist clothes are removed from the washer right away. A lot of people tend to forget their laundry in the washing machine basket, but this can lead to mold growth in just a couple of hours. So, if you wish to avoid musty smells every time you open your washing machine doors, you should hang your clothes to dry entirely or put them inside the dryer at once.

Wipe Interiors Clean

Once you finish washing, you need to wipe clean the interior of the machine along with the rubber gasket. You need to ensure that every part remains clean and dry. Keep in mind that even the tiniest bit of moisture is enough to induce a mold infestation. This is why you should be prepared to use a clean and absorbent dish rag to remove excessive moisture.

Leave Washing Machine Door Open

You would have to leave the washing machine’s door open for an hour at least. This will help with the circulation of air inside the pipes and the drum. Washing machine maintenance is an important aspect of mold prevention. So, if you’re considering investing in an RV, you should be prepared for the cleaning duties of your RV washer, just like you would do in your home. Are you looking for a good RV that meets all your requirements? We might have something for you. Contact us today.

Your chariot awaits: A 2014 Newmar King Aire 4593.

mhf-newmar-galley-for-blog-postWith only 24,000 miles traveled in by a sole owner, and garaged when not on the road, this 2014 Newmar King Aire looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor. With special features and creative comforts galore, it’s one of the most luxurious RVs on the road today. From the custom paint and interior to black china toilets, it’s first-class all the way. Here are just a few of the many features you’ll enjoy:

Ÿ 600hp Cummins diesel engine

Ÿ Pearl custom exterior, Vero interior and sable maple cabinetry

Ÿ Remote control rear view camera

Ÿ 6 Sunforce solar panels

Ÿ Stainless steel trim on baggage doors

Ÿ Mid A/C operated while driving without generator

Ÿ Navigation system with monitor for passenger

Ÿ Security system

Ÿ 40” LED front overhead TV

Ÿ Massage captain’s chairs

Learn more about it on our website at https://motorhomefinders.com/rvs/2014-newmar-king-aire-4593/.


Motor Home Finders is a licensed motor home broker based in Dade City, Florida. Specializing in diesel, luxury motor homes and bus conversions, Motor Home Finders has 50+ years of experience in buying and selling luxury RVs nationwide. Their mission is to eliminate the difficult efforts of private sellers trying to sell their recreational vehicle by orchestrating a seamless RV transaction process. To learn more, call 1-888-783-4009 or visit motorhomefinders.com

The RV industry, thriving, is getting younger

By Rebecca Ungarino of CNBC

mhf-rv-buyer-getting-youngerWhen James and Stef Adinaro first looked into purchasing an RV in 2010, they were hesitant. At 42 and 39, they felt they were too young to purchase a recreational vehicle.

Five years and one RV later, the Adinaros are hoping to upgrade, having embraced the road-tripping “RV lifestyle.”

Originally, the couple, who lives in Salt Lake City, purchased a used mid-size 2003 Mercedes van for convenience while traveling to bicycling competitions. But now, the couple are considering buying a new Winnebago model, the Travato, which caters to the more physically fit RV owner—complete with a bicycle and kayak rack.

The Travato, which has a suggested retail price of $85,476, is an example of how the industry is hoping to cash in on a physically fit consumer.

“The big shift is occurring in how people RV. Nowadays, RVers are more active,” said Stef Adinaro, a personal trainer. RV parks have begun catering to this shift by offering more gyms, fitness classes, walking trails and bike rentals, she said.

Helping to fuel that trend is, in some cases, a consumer who is younger than the industry has seen in the past.

According to the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association’s most recent ownership report, the fastest-growing cohort of RV owners in 2013 was 35 to 44 years old, which is just slightly less than the industry’s largest cohort of owners, which are between 45 and 54 years old. The average American RV owner was 50 in the 1980s, and today that age is 48 and falling.

“You used to think of RVs and think of the cigar-smoking grandpa and the retired couple,” said Matt Rose, director of recreation vehicles at the Indiana Manufactured Housing Association-Recreation Vehicle Indiana Council, “but not anymore.”

And that could be good news for not only RV manufacturers, but also for RV parks.

“They spend more money on experience than on a material good,” said Rose, who coordinates retail shows in Indiana. He has seen that these younger RVs spend more money while traveling and take more frequent trips.

RV sales historically have tended to rise and fall with the economy and consumer confidence. Right now, they are on the upswing.

Shipments have grown steadily, reaching an eight-year high of 356,735 units shipped nationwide in 2014, according to the RVIA. Shipments showed an 11 percent gain year over year, and a 116 percent gain since the industry’s recession low of nearly 165,000 in 2009.


Motor Home Finders is a licensed motor home broker based in Dade City, Florida. Specializing in diesel, luxury motor homes and bus conversions, Motor Home Finders has 50+ years of experience in buying and selling luxury RVs nationwide. Their mission is to eliminate the difficult efforts of private sellers trying to sell their recreational vehicle by orchestrating a seamless RV transaction process. To learn more, call 1-888-783-4009 or visit motorhomefinders.com

How to Choose the Perfect Summer RV Covers?

RV Covers for SummerWhat’s the first thing that you should buy after you have bought your RV? A good quality cover. You have to keep your RV in tip-top condition, and the most useful component for this purpose is an RV cover. An RV cover would keep dust and dirt away from your mobile home while it is in storage and prevent scratches. However, the quality and characteristics of RV covers tend to differ considerably, which means that the RV cover which you use for summer is not the same as the one for winter. Summer RV covers must withstand the harsh sunrays and protect the exterior of your vehicle. Here are a few things that you must keep in mind while selecting a summer cover:

Heat Resistance

You need RV covers that are capable of providing your motorhome complete protection from UV rays and summer heat. Slip-on dust covers protect your new RV for a while, but they will be in shreds if you do not use your vehicle for a long period. This type of cover is unable to stand up to extreme temperatures. Single ply sided/three ply top covers claim to protect against all sorts of climate but they fare poorly when it comes to withstanding heat. If you buy any of these covers, you might have to replace them within the year.

Cover Size

You should never invest in a cover, no matter how good, if it is not big enough for the whole RV. An RV cover might have the heat resistant properties you’re looking for, but if you stretch and pull at the cover to cloak your RV, you might damage the material and ultimately compromise the protection level of your vehicle. This is why you should always look for a strong, supple fabric that has the right dimensions so that your RV body remains well-protected during the hot summer months.

Have more questions about RV-ing or looking for the perfect motorhome for your family? Contact us right away.

Why Should You Regularly Change and Maintain Carbon Monoxide and LP Detectors in Your RV?

RV Carbon Monoxide and LP DetectorsSafety should be an important concern when you decide to buy an RV and you must, without fail, check the vehicle for installed safety features so that you know you’re getting a good deal. However, in case you hear a faint beeping sound coming from the Carbon Monoxide (CO) or LP detector of the RV then you should reconsider the deal since it probably means that those devices have died. Regular check up and maintenance of these detectors in your RV is extremely necessary. This blog will explain how CO and LP detectors contribute to the safety of your vehicle.

Detection of Leaks

Carbon Monoxide and LP detectors come with an expiration date and tend to let users know when they are dying and need replacement. Many people find the beeping noise to be nothing more than a source of irritation and usually take out the batteries from the LP or CO detector or disconnect the devices altogether. This is not a wise move since it seriously compromises your safety. Since 1996,it has become mandatory to install LP leak detectors in new RVs. The law was updated in 2005 to include CO detectors as well.

Fire Prevention

When you get an RV from a seller, it is important to check whether both the CO and the LP detectors are present or not. They should be in working condition so that you will be alerted in case of a fire. Moreover, they prevent excess CO from blanketing the inside of your motorhomes so that you do not suffocate.

Why the Need for Both Detectors?

Your RV needs to have both the CO and LP leak detectors since they actually help in saving lives. A leak may occur out of nowhere or a faulty furnace may lead to CO emission, causing considerable damage. There are lots of potential sources of CO poisoning present within an RV and if you neglect this safety feature, it could cost your life. The same is true for fires that originate from leaking BBQs, stoves, and furnaces. These LP fires spread fast within the RV, making escape difficult at times. You should check the date code on the detectors and see whether they’reoutdated or not.

Never compromise on the security of your motorhome and your health. If you find everything in order, then you should be ready to move ahead with the purchase. Contact us to get access to lots of lucrative RV deals.

How to Choose the Perfect Awning for Your RV?

RV AwningBuying an RV can often be a confusing experience for newbies since there are many features that need to be checked. Overlooking certain important aspects is not uncommon either, and one of the most common aspects being overlooked is the RV awning. However, if you think of it, the awning is much more than a cosmetic change for your RV. You will truly appreciate this fixture when you’re parked in a spot that hardly has any shade and when the hot sun is beating down on you. An awning offers you protection against the harsh rays and makes staying outdoors comfortable. Here are the things you must keep in mind while selecting an RV awning:

Why Does the Material of the Awning Matter?

The material you pick for your awning will primarily determine its durability. The end panels and drapes on your awning tend to become brittle over time and they may rot owing to continued exposure to harsh weather conditions. Constant wear and tear also takes a toll on an RV awning. High quality drapes tend to last longer. You will not have to replace them again and again, nor will you have to use duct tape to patch rips and tears in your drapes. No matter what material you select, make sure it is tough and tear-resistant and that it comes with a long warranty period.

Size of the Awning

To select the right size awning for your RV, you must first measure the length of the awning’s roller tube. You must then consider how close to the ground you want the shade to hang. While some people prefer to let it hang a bit high, others want longer shades so they are able to tether the end down to the ground slightly away from the trailer.


Awnings are available in a variety of styles, but the two most common categories are awning end panels and awning drapes. Awning drapes work like regular drapes and are available in different colors. Awning end panels, on the other hand, allow you to enclose the awning area.

When you decide to buy an RV, an awning should be on your checklist. It might not be a priority, but it helps if you check what you’re getting beforehand. You never know when it might come in handy.

Beat Boredom on the Interstates with These Cool Staying Awake Entertainment Ideas

Entertainment Ideas to Stay AwakeOne of the challenges of driving all day is staying alert. Yes, snacking does help, but the best way to stay wide-awake during long drives is to keep yourself busy.  Here are a few entertainment ideas that will prevent drowsiness and improve your focus.

Talk and Talk and Talk

Do you consider yourself a great storyteller? Well, an RV trip can be your platform to showcase your talent before your kids or travel buddies. Weave your story around any topic – from childhood school memories to the horror movie you watched last week. It does not really matter what the story is all about, what is important is to just keep your audience enthralled and you will hardly notice how time flies by.
Don’t like the idea of steering a storytelling session? Involve others in a conversation. Pre-plan some conversation topics. If traveling with kids, ask them to talk about various topics –their future plans, favorite activities, books, and more. Promise a reward for the best speech, and be pleasantly surprised by your kids’ eloquence.

Listen to Great Works of Fictions

Are you among those families that prefer listening over talking? Then rely on audio books to keep you awake throughout the ride. Don’t take the old ones; try something new, preferably thrillers. It will be an excellent way to hold your attention over a long period of time. Bring diverse types of books. Different narrating voices and styles will prevent you from getting easily bored.

Turn to Your Favorite Tunes

Music can be your most trusted companion when you sit behind the steering wheel for long hours at a time. However, it’s not easy to make a perfect playlist for your motorhome expedition. Don’t burn all your favorite songs onto a CD – leave out the slow songs and include those that will make you hum along with them. However, when compiling your RV music-mix, also consider what most people in the rig will enjoy.

Be a Kid, Play Games

Games can be especially effective if you are traveling with kids or a large group. Choose games that make you think. Word making, guessing, and memory games are some of the activities that can keep things interesting.

A long drive in your motorhome can be fun with the right kind of entertainment. The next time you hit the road in your RV, remember our tips. Enjoy your tryst with adventure. Happy RV-ing!

How to Stay Fresh During a Long Road Trip

hygiene tips for RVersA motorhome vacation is not just about staying inside your rig for days on end. It is also about parking your vehicle in a spectacular spot and hitting the wilderness for some adrenaline-pumping experience. Whether you are hiking along a desolate, mountainous stretch in wild Utah or angling in a Floridian swamp, keeping fresh and clean is important not only for the sake of your own well-being but also for the comfort of fellow travelers and locals. Why scare them off with your unkempt appearance? Here are some travel hygiene tips for your hands, face, and mouth that will help you look good and feel fantastic throughout the trip.


Keeping hands clean is one of the best ways to avoid spreading germs. Doctors may tell you that unless you wash your hands with warm, soapy water, you cannot get rid of germs completely. But this type of cleaning is obviously not an option for vacationers enjoying their tryst with Mother Nature. In such situations, an alcohol-based hand sanitizer would be your best bet. Therefore, rub a generous amount of hand sanitizer in your hands before you enjoy an open-air meal by the riverside and at intervals.


What to do with that foul, sticky taste in the mouth when you are on a day-long hiking trip? Besides chewing gums, you can use a number of other products to obtain good oral hygiene on the road. For example, you can use disposable mini-toothbrushes to freshen up your mouth quickly. Carry a mini bottle of mouthwash to keep your breath fresh. You can also find certain food varieties that can clean out your mouth without promoting halitosis. Want examples? Guava, apple, limes, and lemons. Slip a few of them into your bag before starting your hiking trip.


Maintaining facial hygiene is absolutely essential if you are going to spend long hours outdoors. Invest in some good quality waterless facial products for rinse-free cleansing. You can also use baby wipes to remove dirt and grime from your face as well as to keep your skin hydrated.

When you are boondocking in a remote area, it is important to stay protected against environmental contaminants. These personal hygiene tips will protect your system from germ invasion while you explore the wild.

On-The-Go Meal Ideas for RV-ers

RV On-The-Go MealIf you are driving long stretches, plan your meals well in advance and be sure to choose wisely. If you are running out of ideas, we can help. Take a look at the following meal ideas that will help you survive long drives lasting for six to eight hours or even more:

Draw Out a Strategy

When you plan to cover hundreds of miles within a certain time, you will have to stay behind the wheels through the better part of the day. In this situation, the smartest way to have your meal will be to stop at any take-away joint or eatery chain such as McDonald’s or Subway, buy a lunch basket, and eat it in your rig. Plan your route in a way so that you arrive at the intended RV park just in time for dinner. This will let you make up for your hurried lunch.

Don’t like junk food? We have an idea – visit your relatives’ homes along the route. Make it during the lunch hour and you will get to eat homemade food. In addition to getting a break from driving, you will also be able to enjoy some hearty family reunion. On a side note, avoid a surprise visit; call them well in advance so that they can be prepared to welcome you.

Sandwiches – Your Day-Savers

Make as many sandwiches as you can the day before you leave. If you don’t find time for the task, encourage the little ones to do the job for you. Pack the sandwiches in the cooler. Stop in a picnic area where you will be able to stretch and move around and eat your sandwiches.

Feasting on Filling Snacks On-The-Go

What is a road trip without something to munch on? Reach out for the snack-bags whenever you feel like eating. Frequent snacking does not only keep you satiated, but also helps kill boredom. It helps you stay awake when you drive for long hours. However, it’s important to top off your snack-bags with healthy, filling snacks such as homemade granola bars, crackers, pretzels, nuts, vegetable chips, and dried fruits. If you are carrying chocolaty snacks, don’t let them melt. Can’t make it without a little something sweet? Try fruity-flavored licorice.

Carry Thirst-Quenching Snacks

When you are on the road for a good part of the day, you’ll have to restrict your fluid intake so that you don’t have to take frequent bathroom-breaks. That is why it is important to have thirst-quenching snacks during long drives. These may include gums, mints, lozenges and hard candies.

There is something about heading out on the open road. Fill up your bag with a lot of healthy and tasty treats to eat on the interstate. They will keep you satiated throughout your journey, and supply you with the fuel you need.