Ideas for The Perfect Family RV Trip

RV Family TripNo booking hassles, no queues, no last minute flight cancellations – hitting the American highways in a motor home is apparently all fun and no worries. If you want to further add to your happiness quotient, plan your itinerary well – there are hundreds of scenic routes across the length and breadth of the country that you can hit for great family fun. Here are a few ideas:

On the East Coast

Are you a family of history buffs, who just love to witness the vestiges of the bygone era and soak in their old-world charms? Your ideal route will be the Highways 7 and 15. On your way from the New York state line to Bridgeport, CT, you will come across a number of historical landmarks that include lighthouses and old-fashioned covered bridges.

As you enter the state of Massachusetts, drive through the Berkshires, where an array of antique outlets will welcome you into a world of vintage trinkets, artifact, Victorian furniture, and more. Bibliophiles can walk straight into the area’s book barns for a good chance of putting their hands on some rare, out-of-print treasures.

Have a foodie in the family? Then drive along the I-91 that runs through Vermont. On your way, you will pass a number of farms, where you can get a taste of the world famous Vermont cheese and delicious maple syrup. When not visiting the farms, you can feast your eyes on the rolling greens on both sides of the road.

In the Midwest

How about visiting Dodge City, infamously known as the’Wickedest City in the West’, besides being the one-time home of legendary lawmen Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson? Drive the Highway 56 in Kansas to reach the city on your way to Oklahoma.

Wildlife enthusiasts can drive the scenic Arkansas Highway 7 to feast their eyes on the state’s 1.2 million acre of forest area. On your way, you will also encounter the state’s tallest mountain, Mount Magazine. Adrenaline junkies, go for some underground caving at the Blanchard Springs Caverns.

Highway 22 in Michigan will take you to Traverse City, the Cherry Capital of the World. If you are there in the first week of July, you will be able to take part in the city’s annual weeklong Cherry Festival. Visit a few of its wineries as well – they are some of the best in the Midwest.

On the West Coast

For a beach-front driving experience, drive the Coastal Highway 1 that runs throughout the Pacific coastline from Baja, Mexico to the Washington state. At San Simeon, visit the majestic Hearst Castle that sits atop the Santa Lucia Mountains. This lavish home of legendary entrepreneur and publisher, William Randolph Hearst, is thronged by tourists throughout the year. Also, don’t miss I-70 that runs past Bryce Canyon and the Hoover Dam, the Eisenhower Tunnel, Glenwood Canyon and the San Rafael Swell.

Road trips in an RV can be fun when you plan your route in advance, and according to your liking. As you can see, the US has no dearth of scenic routes – take your cues from our list and get going!

5 BBQ Joints You Must Visit When RV-ing in Arkansas

BBQ JointsIf you’re RV-ing in Arkansas, indulge in some succulent pork, rib or beef. This weekend, visit five of the best barbecue joints across the natural state with your family or friends, while RV-ing.

1. Chip’s Barbecue

This family-owned joint is sure to delight you with their chicken breast, ham, hickory smoked ribs, pork and turkey. You’ll also love some of their side dishes like slaw, potato salad, spicy cheese, soups, and beans. Also, don’t forget to taste their homemade pies. Your taste buds are going to thank you.

2. Gene’s Bar-B-Que

At the Gene’s Bar-B-Que, get to taste some soft, juicy and lip-smacking barbecues that will melt in the warmth of your mouth. Try ribs, pork, chicken and beef, together with fish and steak if you are a serious meat lover. The side dishes include baked beans, fries, coleslaw, biscuits, gravy and catfish. If you have a sweet tooth, try their fried pies as dessert.

3. Sturdi’s ShoNuff Barbecue

Sturdi’s ShoNuff BBQ joint is unique in its own way, and stands apart from the rest of the joints in the area. All of their delicacies constitute the family recipes sold in the original ShoNuff barbecue back in the 1970s. They too specialize in a variety of meat, smoked with hickory and apple wood.

4. Smitty’s Bar-B-Que

This barbecue joint will keep you delighted with pork, turkey, beef and ham. However, Smitty’s Bar-B-Que stands apart from the rest of the joints because of its selection of six special barbecue sauces. You can also try their salads, veggies, onion rings and sandwiches. The desserts include meringue, sweet potato, pecan and apple pies.

5. Hoots BBQ, Bakery, and Grill

Get to taste slow barbecued beef, chicken and pork at Hoots when RV-ing in Arkansas. The other delicacies include seafood, sandwiches, burgers and steaks together with pies and cookies. You can also spend some special time with your family and friends at their bar or experience some live entertainment.

A trip to these barbecue joints is worth it. If you are an RV enthusiast and a foodie, Arkansas has what you’re looking for. Have a great foodilicious trip!

3 Beautiful Yet Scary Road Trips You Must Avoid When RV-ing

Scary Motorhome Road TripWho doesn’t like to cruise down the beautiful American roads in their motor home? Roads with surprising ascends, turns or dips? But not all the amazing looking roads are safe for you. Here is a quick list of three such highways that you better avoid.

1. Highway 2, Montana

Although Highway 2 looks spectacular, driving down this stretch in your RV can also be your worst nightmare. Avoid it if you do not want to get stranded here for several hours due to the mountains, wild winds or insanely rash drivers. This highway is known for all the wrong reasons –accidents, speed-thirsty drivers and bad weather. What’s the bottom line? Avoid it at all cost.

2. Highway 17, South Carolina

You may find this Beaufort County (South Carolina) highway strikingly beautiful at first. Wait until your RV-ing feels more and more like a roller coaster ride at the Six Flags. You would soon lose focus of the tree-lined roads as you have a hard time managing your RV on the sharply ascending and descending highway. The lanes are narrow and dangerous with blind curves and several free-range animals. Moving up and down on the Highway 17 is extremely challenging if you are traveling in your motor home. So, keep away from this road.

3. James Dalton Highway

The James Dalton highway has breathtaking scenery, but driving your RV on this stretch of road is unsafe as it’s full of pot holes. Flying rocks and strong gusts of wind will make driving very difficult. The weather can be extremely unpredictable with the temperature dropping way below zero degrees. When vehicle rental agencies don’t allow their customers to travel on this stretch, would you risk it in your RV? Think about it.

A motor home trip should be fun and thrilling, but not at the expense of your safety. Take some time out to plan an adventure trip in your RV. There are several beautiful and safe roads in the US that you can explore.

5 Tips For RV-ing in Sweltering Summer

Summer RV-ingSweltering heat can simply ruin your RV trip. Besides making it extremely uncomfortable for you, it may cause a plethora of other problems – spoilt food, bad mood and sleepless nights are just a few to mention. Why allow the scorching sun and the sultry weather play the spoilsport? Here are a few tips that would keep you cool in a hot day and let you enjoy your trip thoroughly:

Pre-cool the Rig

Turn on the air conditioner the moment you park your rig at the camp. Even if you turn it off after some time, don’t open the windows. This will prevent the cool air from escaping your coach. Turn on the fan, too. This will help to circulate the cool air throughout the unit and keep the overall temperature low.

Install More Fans

If you are traveling with your whole family, a single fan is not sufficient. As a thumb rule, you will need at least one fan for every two members.

Shade Your Windows

Don’t let the sun rays enter your rig through the windows. Invest in a product like Reflectix that repels the rays and helps keep your coach cool. If you are using conventional curtains, be sure to cover all your windows. If you must open a window, do so on the shaded side.

Put on the Right Clothes to Stay Cool

Did you know, that the right type of clothing can actually help you beat the heat? Thinking what type of clothing would be ideal for a summer camping trip? Well, try light colored, loose fitting pieces. Make sure, it’s made of cotton or any other breathable fabric.

Sponge Your Body

Staying outdoors for a long stretch of time can raise your body temperature to a considerable level. Sponge your body with a wet towel to bring down the body temperature. For a more refreshing experience, wet the towel and keep it in the refrigerator for some time before using it.

Learn Hot Weather Sleeping Tricks

People generally face difficulties in falling asleep in hot weather. However, certain tricks can help lower your discomfort – use cotton bed sheets and pillow covers, wear loose clothing and even if the AC is on, place a fan by your bedside for extra comfort.

Vacation is the time for full relaxation. Don’t let physical discomfort sour your experience. Keep these tips in mind and enjoy an incredibly fun summer camping trip with your whole family.

5 Signs That You are a Glamper and Not a Camper

Glamper or CamperWe typically come across two broad categories of travelers – the first group takes pride in their ability to rough it out in the wild and survive without a bit of luxury, while the other simply shudders at the very thought of sacrificing luxury for the sake of getting close to nature.

Which one are you – a camper or a glamper? Not sure? Analyze your travel style against the following criteria to understand your true calling.

Glampers Seek a Touch of Class in Everything

Clean and comfy linen, fine china, good food – glampers want their vacations to be a classy affair. Of course, they don’t undermine the value of a good outdoor experience, but roughing it out in the wild or sleeping under the stars? Come on! Those are not for glampers. All they want at the end of the day is relaxation in a warm, cozy environment.

Glampers Cannot Do without the Basics

Trekking in the hills the whole day and pitching a tent on top of the cliff? Nope! Glampers would rather spend the night at locations that offer at least basic amenities. And RV parks and resorts typically top their wish lists.

Glampers Are Connoisseurs of Good Food

Setting up a camp beside a stream, reeling in a few dozens of fish and cooking for dinner! This might sound like complete bliss for hardcore campers, but not for Glampers. They prefer gourmet food and fine wine to enjoy their vacation.

Glampers Love to Work Their Gray Cells

Sitting under the shade of a tree and reading a book, writing a travelogue, filling up the canvas or clicking the spectacular nature around them – if you happen to be a glamper, you would rather indulge in activities that put your gray cells in action. Some low-intensity fun activities like a little angling or a leisurely horse riding at the sunset are not completely ruled out though.

Glampers Always Come to Vacation Gadget-clad

Unlike passionate campers, glampers don’t like to sever the touch with civilization. The unmistakable sign of being a glamper is that a power charger tops your packing list. Be it staying connected to friends and family, reading e-books or watching movies on the go, glampers never step out of their homes without packing their cellphones and tabs at the least.

A glamper or a camper? We are sure now you know your true color as a traveler. So plan your RV trip accordingly and enjoy.

A Few Bathroom Features Every Motor Home Seeker Should Be on The Lookout For

RV Bathroom FeaturesA motor home buyer has many things to consider. From engine performance to interior design, and from mileage to exterior looks, every part of the rig has to be checked to make the right purchase decision. RVs prove that you don’t have to compromise on comfort, convenience, and safety when out on the road. But not every rig is designed to match your requirement in those areas. Especially in the bathroom area, which general buyers tend to ignore. However, when you are planning to spend months or years in an RV, you do need a bathroom that has enough room and other important features. Let us discuss what features you have to be on the lookout for while checking the RV bathroom.

  • RV bathrooms made of vinyl-coated paneling are not the viable choice for long trip seekers. Regular wash downs will soon add bathroom-repairing expenses to your travel cost. So, look for one-piece plastic bathrooms instead.

  • Set your preference for shower doors rather than curtains. Shower curtains always keep the floor wet, which is neither hygienic nor safe.

  • In case you are planning a lot of winter RV-ing, you need to look for winterized bathroom facilities. Otherwise, you will find your plastic showers in need of frequent replacement.

  • Make sure your shower has enough room for you to stand and turn around while bathing. And check if the shower head is appropriately positioned to bathe when you stand straight. Otherwise, you would have to practice complex acrobatics everyday just to get your head under water.

  • If you like your hot baths long, then you would need a 10-gallon water heater. However, if you can master the art of careful water usage, you can work with a 6-gallon water heater.

You need to focus on your bathroom features in order to have a happy, comfortable, and feasible RV trip. So, keep these suggestions in mind when you are ready to buy a used motor home, and ensure that the best deals in the market include these.

5 Tips for Women RV Travelers to Start a Solo Journey

Women RV TravelersHave you always wanted to go on a long solo RV trip, but always were too afraid to see that plan to fruition? Or maybe it is not fear, may be the task of memorizing a huge list of do’s and don’ts on a solo RV trip makes you lose interest. But, in your mind, you know what you are missing out. You would be surprised to know that planning and executing a solo female RV trip is not that hard. All you need is a few battle-tested options to follow and you are all set for a rocking trip. We have put together a small list of suggestions for you to enjoy every moment of your RV trip to its fullest extent.

Go for a Low Key Appearance

No matter how confident you are, always remember that you are alone on the road. So, keep to yourself and do not flash your money or expensive items out in the open. Your expensive camera, laptop and jewelry can serve as thief magnet in unfamiliar locations. So, be careful about them.

Always Plan Ahead

Plan your routes at least a day before your journey. You can use apps to find campgrounds and best routes for your RV. Some of the apps offer satellite imaging use them to get a clear view of the whole area. Get details on fueling spots and check reviews of campgrounds before arriving. Pick a camping spot and reserve it beforehand to avoid making unsafe parking choices.

Keep Doors Locked

Whether you are in a campground or in a spot a bit removed from social bind, always lock your doors. Make friends, but do not presume to clearly understand the true nature of your new friends and neighbors (who were strangers about two hours back). So, keep your doors locked and windows screened before going to sleep.

Bring a Dog Along

If you are already a pet parent than it is easy for you. But, if you are not, you need to start adapting to this idea for your own safety. Try to go for bigger breeds rather than fluffy lap lovers. Big dogs scare creeps easily and you will have a loyal companion for the journey.

Bring Guns Only if You Can Handle

Keeping a gun can make you feel safer, but you need to consider the legal variations of gun usage protocols in different locations carefully. Guns are dangerous and only bring one aboard, if you know how to use it properly. And remember that watching hundreds of movies that shows how to use a gun doesn’t make you an expert on the subject. So, rely on practical training rather than movie magic. Keep the weapon in a safe place, and out of general sight, to avoid needless gun hysteria and accidents.

You and your RV can make a fun-team turning every moment of the solo trip ecstatic. But, follow these five easy and cool tips to add safety to your travels.

Luxury For Less

With only 24,000 miles on the speedometer, this 2014 Newmar King Aire 4593 is ready to roll out in style – now at a reduced price.

MHF Newmar for 7-16 blog postIt’s showroom-ready and priced to move at $534,900 and comes complete with an available extended warranty. Here are just a few of the many reasons it’s such a great deal:

  1. Only 24,00 miles on the speedometer.
  2. Stored in a climate-controlled garage by its only owner, who were also non- smokers.
  3. Mechanical features include comfort drive steering, a 600hp Cummins diesel, Allison M4000 transmission, a 12.5 Onan QD diesel generator, Vorad Adaptive cruise system, remote control rear camera, navigation monitor for passenger, and three slides full wall slides.
  4. Creature comforts abound like a 40” LED front overhead TV, massage captain’s chairs, hide-a-bed with air mattress, dinette/salon slide-out overhead, six Sunforce solar panels, stacked washer and dryer, electric heat floor tile, and all electric with induction cooktop.
  5. Interior appointments include custom furniture, dinette ensemble, sable maple hi-gloss cabinets, custom paint throughout the interior, custom glass tile back splashes, marble countertops, and more.

Want to know more? Visit or give us a call. Call today!


About Motor Home Finders, is a licensed motor home broker based in Dade City, Florida. Specializing in diesel, luxury motor homes and bus conversions, Motor Home Finders has 50+ years of experience in buying and selling luxury RVs nationwide. Their mission is to eliminate the difficult efforts of private sellers trying to sell their recreational vehicle by orchestrating a seamless RV transaction process. To learn more, call 1-888-783-4009 or visit Motor

Tips for getting the most out of the Dog Days of Summer while traveling in your RV from the experts at VetStreet.

MHF dog-caravanSummer is here, and chances are your vacation is already underway. If you’re wanting to take your dog along with you in your RV this year, you won’t be alone, according to Kevin Broom, director of media relations for the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association.

“According to our spring survey of RV owners (completed in April), 61 percent of RVers travel with pets.” Broom adds that survey data shows that about 90 percent tote their dogs, while 14 percent are accompanied by their cats.

Any time you’re traveling with pets, of course, there are safety concerns to consider. And while an RV might seem homelike, it’s still a vehicle and can pose threats to your pet both while it’s in motion and while it’s parked. Here are five tips to help keep your pet secure.

Buckle Up

It might seem normal to let your pet roam free in the RV while you’re driving; it’s not uncommon to dogs with their paws on the windowsill, looking out at the passing scenery. But it’s a bad idea. Just as you would restrain your pet in a car — at least we hope you would — he should be confined while the RV is in motion.

That means riding in a crate that is secured, so it can’t move around, or wearing a pet safety belt.

“We wear our seat belts, and our pets should be wearing theirs, too,” Amy Burkert, of, says. She with her husband and dogs, Ty and Buster, have traveled more than 70,000 miles in their motor home.

Place a crate in an area where it won’t get too hot and attach it to something that is permanently affixed, such as a table or bench. You can fasten a crate in place permanently with bolts and straps or hold it in place with seat belts or some other form of tie-down that provides stability but allows you to move them as needed.

Some safety devices allow the pet to move around in a limited area while still attached to two fixed points. A short tether with a swivel can also provide extra mobility, but keep in mind that you never want to give your pet too much freedom of movement in case you need to make a sudden stop.

And never let your pet ride alone in a fifth wheel or camper that you’re hauling. He needs to be in the same vehicle as you, safely confined in his crate or secured with a pet seat belt.

Keep It Cool

Many people like traveling in an RV, because it can provide a safe place to leave a pet when the humans are going to dinner, for a hike in a national park or any other place where pets can’t go along. But like any vehicle, an RV can heat up in the sun. You can leave the air conditioner running, but power failures are always a possibility.

Clever and safety-conscious RVers use remote temperature sensors to ensure that pets stay cool. The devices monitor the temperature inside the RV and can send an alert to your cell phone if it gets too hot or too cold — although they cannot be relied on in areas with spotty cell phone reception. Other devices can be set to turn the generator on or off when the RV reaches preset temperatures. Choose a temperature monitor with battery backup in case the power fails.

Proper ID

Burkert says another important safety issue is making sure pets don’t get lost while you’re traveling. It’s all too easy for a pet to dart out of an open RV door in a strange place and head for the hills.

Your dog needs multiple forms of identification. A collar and tag are the first line of defense. A tag is visible, and anyone can read it. Put your last name on it and two to three phone numbers where you can be reached, including your cell phone.

Collars and tags can be removed or lost, so a microchip is a great form of backup identification. Be sure you register the chip and keep your contact information updated with the registry.

To help prevent your pet from escaping the RV, always put a leash on him before you open any door. Use a pet gate or other barrier if you are parked and want to keep the door open while he’s inside. You’ll need an extra-tall one if you have an energetic dog.

Safe and Sound

Older pets may have mobility issues. Purchase a ramp you can place in the doorway to make it easier and safer for them to get in and out of the RV.

Happy travels!


About Motor Home Finders, is a licensed motor home broker based in Dade City, Florida. Specializing in diesel, luxury motor homes and bus conversions, Motor Home Finders has 50+ years of experience in buying and selling luxury RVs nationwide. Their mission is to eliminate the difficult efforts of private sellers trying to sell their recreational vehicle by orchestrating a seamless RV transaction process. To learn more, call 1-888-783-4009 or visit Motor


5 Suggestions for Safe, Convenient, and Comfortable Beach RVing

Safe Beach RVingThe sun, the sea, and your RV — a smooth combination of comfort, security and scenic beauty that can improve the flavor of any trip. But, tasting such a delectable treat would require a bit of effort on your part (other than bringing the RV on the sand). A bit of planning and the right selection of places would ultimately lead you to a stress-free enjoyment option. Now, for the inexperienced, planning and picking out the right choices can be a bit tough. So, here we are with a list of suggestions that can make your beach RV-ing a smart move.

Keep Sand Out of RV Showers

Beaches are sandy, and it is a part of their charm. It feels great to run, play, walk, sleep, and even make castles in the sand. But, it is not much fun when sand gets inside your RV. Would you like a sandy carpet, floor, and bed? Not good? Then how about shower rooms filled with sand after a few days on the beach? Still not a fan? Then you should rinse the sand off before entering the RV, every time. This simple solution can save you from the tiring task of clearing off the sand inside the RV.

Be Prepared for Temperature Surprise

Beaches don’t own the crown in crazy temperature shifts (that privilege is still desert’s). But, however minimal, its temperature change can affect people as we are basically home dwellers. So, pack for warm days, comfortable evenings, and cool nights.

Always Book for Off-Season

Why? Because that is when traffic on the beach slows down. Plus, not every beach allows free parking for RVs. In such cases, you have to book one of the RV beach resorts. These places can be expensive (although services are awesome), during travel seasons. But, in off seasons you can enjoy feasible deals while savoring the beaches in solitude.

Stay in the Shade

The blue (or green) water and golden sand look great in the morning and even better as the sun travels across the sky. But, being too long out in the sun can harm your health. Sand on the beaches heat up pretty quick, and without shade it can burn your skin. So, always bring a shade whether you plan to sit or sleep on the beach. And don’t forget your sunblock.

Pack Extra Clothing

You cannot go to sleep in sandy clothes. So, put extra clothing items in your bags for sleeping and do not wear them to go outside. Plus, beach RV-ing hardly ever offers choices to wash dirty clothing, unless you are availing laundry services. So, bring extra clothes so you do not have to put on sand-filled pants or jackets when you want to feel comfortable and fresh.

See, making your beach RV vacations a blast is not hard at all. Just keep these few suggestions in mind and you will sail through the trip like an expert.