A Few Tips to Clean RV Day/Night Pleated Blinds

RV Pleated BlindsDay and night shades can be a nice addition to your used RV. Pleated ones are easy to use, have a long lifespan, and they look great too. But, like everything else in your motor home, these shades need care (maintenance) once in a while. Do not worry! There is no need for you to bring in a cavalry of professionals to take care of this. You can take care of the monthly clean up yourself. To make things easier for you, here we have a few suggestions.

What Will You Need?

First things first. You need to know the tools of your trade if you want to clean up the pleated shades easily. Here is a list of stuff you really need:

  • Vacuum cleaner

  • Small brush

  • Hot water

  • Soap

  • OxiClean

Get the shades off the windows first. You can use the carpet vacuum for this job, but keep the suction low to protect the material of the shade from ripping off. Put the shades flat on the surface and use the vacuum to get the lose debris and dust off the material. Then get it ready for water treatment.

Using Water, Soap or Anything Else

If you have a pot or a bathtub to put hot water, then use it and soak the pleated shades in it. Or just use a spaying bottle to put hot water on the stains. Use a small brush to clean the stain.

In most cases, hot water and brush combo gets the job done. But, if it doesn’t in your case, you can use soap with hot water and then use the brush to get the stain off. Then rinse it carefully to clean the soap from the fabric before hanging them.

If your shade stain proves to be too strong to be cleaned with soap, then it is OxiClean time. You can use OxiClean, hot water, and brush combo to rub off the stain. Wait a few minutes or so after applying the OxiClean mixed water on the shades, and then keep brushing till the original color of the shades comes out. Then clean it, and hang it to dry.

Best Ways to Maintain the Pleated Blinds

Keeping the RV day and night shades clean can save you from cleaning them frequently. All you need to keep the shades away from dust and stains is presence of mind and microfiber cleaning cloth. Keeping your windows closed in dusty areas and putting food away from the shades can help you keep the shades clean. If it gets dusty or if you spill something on them anyway, use microfiber cloth to clean up the mess immediately. This practice will help you keep the shades clean for long.

So, you see! It is fairly easy to keep you RV day and night shades clean. With so many options and choices around, life in RV is starting to look quite easy and fascinating, right?

How to Make Your RV Burglar-Proof

Burglar-Proof RVYour motor home or camping trailer can become easy prey to thieves if you are not careful enough. RV thefts are on the rise and are a major concern for travelers who hit the road frequently. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned traveler familiar with RV camping, these simple tips will help you keep your rig burglar-proof.

Use Appropriate RV Locks

Locking your RV is not just about securing your vehicle’s doors and windows. Use popular locks such as cylinder and pad locks to make your camping trailer more secure. Opt for cylinder locks that come with a special key which cannot be easily duplicated. Get a boot that protects your RV’s wheel. With a boot cover in place, no burglar will be able to turn the wheel with an extension. You can also prevent the theft of the lugs from your motor home’s wheel by using a boot cover. Make sure that you choose covers that protect the lugs so that tires can’t be changed by crooks.

Park Your Rig Smartly

Be careful when parking your RV at a campsite. Park your vehicle near other RVs with the door clearly visible to the people in the next home-on-wheel. Try parking it away from the standard access area. This will make a thief’s job more difficult as he would have to manually turn the rig to steal the vehicle. There are chances of the burglar being caught as turning the camper would take more effort and time. Get a tongue wheel or jockey wheel to park your rig in this way.

Pull the Curtains

Make sure you pull the window curtains to prevent a crook from seeing what’s inside your rig. When you’re hiking or sightseeing, you do not want your HDTV or kitchen appliances to be stolen just because someone can peep through the windows.

Carry a Safe

Carry a small safe if you are keeping cash, jewelry, credit cards or other valuables. This will keep the items in your motor home safe.

Invest in the Right Security Tools

To make your camper burglar-proof, opt for the right security systems such as a deadbolt, theft alarms or motion detector lights. Motor detectors help in detecting people, cars, and even animals.

Secure your motor home when camping for complete peace of mind. Keep your rig safe whether it’s parked near your home or you’re on an adventure trip.

Few RVs offer the appointments and luxury at this price like the 2015 Newmar Dutch Star 4369 quad slide.

MHF 2015 Dutch Star for blog







It’s a brand new listing, available for $269,900. Here are just a few of the many reasons it’s such a great deal:

  1. Only 15,000 gently traveled miles.
  2. Stored garaged by its one and only owner, and never traveled in by smokers or pets. It’s showroom perfect!
  3. Mechanical features include comfort drive steering, a 450hp Cummins ISL diesel, and a Winegard In Motion satellite system.
  4. Creature comforts abound like a King Sleep Number mattress, heated captains’ chairs, fold-down shower seat, Villa ComfortFit sleeper sofa, and Euro booth dinette.
  5. Interior appointments include Carmel Cherry cabinets with glazed doors, a 48” TV behind the sofa, a 40” LED TV in the front overhead, and a 40” TV in the bedroom. Plus, outside you’ll enjoy an exterior entertainment center with sound bar.

Want to know more? Visit https://motorhomefinders.com/rvs/2015-newmar-dutch-star-4369/ or give us a call. Call today!


About Motor Home Finders, is a licensed motor home broker based in Dade City, Florida. Specializing in diesel, luxury motor homes and bus conversions, Motor Home Finders has 50+ years of experience in buying and selling luxury RVs nationwide. Their mission is to eliminate the difficult efforts of private sellers trying to sell their recreational vehicle by orchestrating a seamless RV transaction process. To learn more, call 1-888-783-4009 or visit Motor homeFinders.com.


Let the good times roll in this 2009 American Eagle.

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We’re happy to introduce you to the 2009 American Eagle 42P triple full wall slide. It has only 32,000 miles and priced to move at $239,900. Here’s what you’ll find in this coach:

  1. Sandrift freedom exterior and regency cherry with vintage vanilla interiors make it beautiful inside and out, and it’s been stored inside since it rolled off the line.
  2. It’s got a bath and a half, and lots of other conveniences like side-by-side refrigerator with ice system, central VAC, 4 TVs and an exterior entertainment center with 32” TV.
  3. Technology abounds on this coach, including keyless entry, HD In Motion SAT system, passenger GPS monitor, and king size braking system for tow vehicle.
  4. Enhancements include high and low interior lights, and 8’ x 8’ storage loft, 76 LED running lights, and new tires.
  5. Matching trailer is available for an additional $20,000.

Want to know more? Visit https://motorhomefinders.com/rvs/2009-american-eagle-42p-triple-full-wall-slide/ or give us a call. Call today!


About Motor Home Finders, is a licensed motor home broker based in Dade City, Florida. Specializing in diesel, luxury motor homes and bus conversions, Motor Home Finders has 50+ years of experience in buying and selling luxury RVs nationwide. Their mission is to eliminate the difficult efforts of private sellers trying to sell their recreational vehicle by orchestrating a seamless RV transaction process. To learn more, call 1-888-783-4009 or visit Motor homeFinders.com.

5 Tips for First-Time RV-ers

first time RVersAre you planning to hit the long road driving your RV for the first time? The feeling of having your hands on the steering with a destination in mind is thrilling, and things become more gripping if you are doing this for the first time. You might be a little anxious, but that can be handled if you keep these five things in mind:

Know Your Luxury Rig

This is your first RV-ing and you are about to drive through a road which is not very known to you. So your first step will be to know your motor home. Knowing the rules of driving is not enough, because you are the mechanic of your RV. It is important to understand every cranky noise and the technical issues. Having a well-stocked tool kit makes no sense if you do not know how to use it at the time of a breakdown.

Plan a Travel Route

If you want to be a true RV-er, it is important to plan the entire travel route beforehand. One destination can be reached through different routes. You need to know them all to make the trip a successful one. Don’t go with your instincts; rather arm yourself with the correct road maps, and a GPS.

Take a Test Drive

Before the D-day arrives, go for a test drive on your RV. Try to identify the difficulties you are experiencing and get those rectified immediately. You don’t want to mess your first trip in the middle of the road, with no one at your service. Practice taking turns, switching lanes and changing gears based on the road.

Keep a First-Aid Kit Handy

Safety kit is vital, especially when you are driving the RV in an unknown place. The first-aid box should be fully stocked and you must have the basic medical supplies like bandages, ointments, insect repellants, pain relievers and other emergency things.

Take Care of Kids and Pets

Travelling with yours kids and pets is definitely fun. Your first trip in RV will be memorable. But, you need to be very careful and responsible. They should be given space and at the same time, you need to keep a constant note on their actions inside the RV.

So roll up your sleeves, turn on the ignition, and take your first RV trip confidently!

4 Unique Places to Park Your RV

park_motorhomeTraveling in your motor home is a fun-filled and exciting experience. The kind of spot you choose to park your rig during the night tells something about your RV-ing habit and lifestyle. Here are four of the unique places where you can park your home-on-wheels:

1. Truck Stops

Truck stops do not only delight RV-ers with a plethora of services, but some of them even allow motor home aficionados rest for the night absolutely free. The national brand truck stops make a quick buck from the food, fuel, drinks or any other items that you buy from them. Besides a free parking space and fuel, many of them provide full-functioning eateries as well as convenience stores to restock your supplies. You can even clear your RV’s waste tanks at free dumpsites.

2. Restaurants

Having trouble parking your huge RV? Not a problem! Renowned restaurant chain such as Cracker Barrel comes with parking lots, besides offering great-tasting food at affordable prices. You’ll generally find these restaurants right at the exit on the highway. Some of the McDonald’s outlets have secondary parking spaces with areas designated for recreational vehicles. Both of these brands also offer free Wi-Fi for RV-ers.

3. Small Towns

You’ll find small town America pretty warm and welcoming. A few of the local city parks will delight you with a free one-night stay, expecting you to dine at one of the restaurants or go for a movie during your stay.

4. RV Resorts

RV-ers who want first-rate amenities and more luxuries, RV resorts are the best place for them to camp overnight. These places are complete with all modern amenities including digital TV and round-the-clock internet access. You can stop by these RV resorts for a few months or even a year, based on your traveling needs. Most of them are plush, spacious and come with top-of-the-line facilities such as clubhouses, clean bathrooms, amusement centers, restaurants, valet trash services and paper delivery. Senior RV-ers can enjoy potlucks, classes and even dances.

Next time you hit the roads with your family and friends, park your RV at one of these places for a fun-filled trip.