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Let your fingers do the shopping.
Remember when the old yellow pages ads used to encourage you to let your fingers do the walking instead of driving around looking for a product or service? At Motor Home Finders, we offer the same convenience when shopping for an RV. With us, your ideal motor home is only a few clicks away.

Is it hard to finance a used luxury motor home?
In a word, “no.” Actually it’s a lot easier than you might think. One important factor is that lenders typically consider RV buyers to be reliable and financially sound.

Staging your RV for sale.
Since an RV is a home on wheels, the same principals of staging a brick-and-mortar home for sale apply. Staging is the term used for putting your RV in the best light for shoppers, and making its homelike atmosphere even more inviting. Read more about the elements we have found result in the fastest sale.